For those who have seen enough of the Angry Birds, here comes a game, which takes you to a familiar territory but with much more explosives to give you company. Just go ‘Boom Boom’ with this new app ‘Boom Land’…

I am sure most of you would have had enough of the Angry Birds and their pigs and among the flying birds, you would have remembered the funny looking Black Bird (yeah, they are all funny, I admit) which would swell up and explode bringing down the house with its explosive power. Now, Mirage-lab has just introduced its latest app ‘Boom Land’, which really brings out the ‘explosive’ side of you.

The game also gives you a smarter side of setting up and completing levels by placing your dynamite at strategic locations to bring down the structures. The smarter you play, the more you succeed. And besides the regular bowling ball shaped dynamite, you have more innovative explosives at your disposal as well. You can choose between them as per the obstacle in the level with a total of 72 levels to be played in total. As in all games, the difficulty quotient varies with each passing level. And if you are one of those (just like me) who do like to see some ‘good’ explosions happening on their iPhone time and again, then this is the game for you. The game has a clear Boom button which triggers the explosions and you don’t have to worry about the bomb going off all of a sudden while you are determining the exact position for the explosion. The winner’s spoils are dependent on the amount of destruction which can be generated with each planned attack. Ultimate destruction of the piled up structures is the goal for which you have to plan all the steps wisely. There is a progress bar on the screen, which establishes the exact destruction caused by each explosion. A strike rate of over 90 per cent will help you to progress to a new level. With each explosion, you need to place bags of gunpowder to explode at strategic locations. Besides being a good interesting app, which goes Boom, time and again, you can always try out different explosives and see various effects. Also, the setting and obstacles have a striking resemblance to the Angry Birds ensemble, so you won’t be too far away from the all familiar territory. But one good thing is that you would be playing directly with explosives rather than birds which go ‘Poof’!

You can even opt for a free version at iTunes before you purchase the whole package. And yes, if you like to blow up things albeit in a safe way, then do try this at home, office or anywhere you wish like! Boom Land is here and you can just have it on your iPhone or iPad for just 0.99$. So, what are you waiting for, just go ‘BOOM’ today!!!! And just to save the day, there are no piggies riding this game and it is all about destruction with explosives – Boom Time in Boom Land!