Aeroplanes maker Boeing has worked on a phone that has qualities of an undercover agent and it’s rightly called Black. The company has also filed with the FCC seeking permission to make phones for people who are in the business of secrets such as spies, astronauts, scientists and more.

Boeing’s Black smartphone is self destructive. This means each time someone tries to open the casing of the phone, it becomes inoperable. It’s a 5.2” X 2.7” handset that runs on Google’s Android operating system. This phone is loaded with interesting features that make this phone so useful for people who are in the business of secrets. To start with, it’s a dual SIM phone that gives people access multiple networks. It will also be possible to connect this phone to biometric sensors and satellites.

Little is known about the manufacturers Boeing is working with but this phone will work on the WCDMA, GSM and LTE frequency bands. It will also come with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.