Ever since we got to play Bloodborne, we have been hooked. In case you are part of the league and want to ‘up’ your game, lap up these top Bloodborne weapons now.

Burial Blade- Access Burial Blade via Bath Messenger according to your performance level in the game’s first take. 

Ultra Move– Used to weaken enemies; the Blade comes with an arcane stat. Best used to enhance the attacking capacity of the weapon.

Ludwig’s Holy Blade- A classic pick, Ludwig’s Holy Blade is priced at 20,000 Blood Echoes from Bath Messenger in Hunter’s Dream.

Ultra Move– With the blazing speed of the Holy Blade, add spice and variety to your attacks. Best used as a Charge Attack in the thrust form

Hunter Pistol- This is usually available as the default secondary weapon. You could tackle enemy approach with a clever use of the same.

Ultra Move– Plug up the Hunter Pistol with double combo attack of Hunter Axe for best results.

Hunter Axe- Use Hunter Axe to attack your opponent. 

Ultra Move– Take the double swing for Charge Attack with the axe.  Best used against mighty opponents. Two other must-have weapons in your Bloodborne inventory are Saw Cleaver and Threaded Cane. With these you can face you enemies well in the early stages of the game and can also cause substantial damage on them. The latter is best used in one to one enemy combats.