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BlackBerry Z10 : High Price Does Little To Shed The Elite Tag, Doesn’t Cater To A Wider Audience

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Indian customers waiting to get their hands on the BlackBerry Z10 will soon be able to do so. BlackBerry 10 is all set to launch in India and the ads have already started appearing on the TV. But the real question is if it will manage to become a hit in the Indian markets. Is it capable of taking on a market that is predominantly dominated by Android and iOS, to some extent? Or is BlackBerry trying to fight a losing battle with its latest OS?

The phone did garner a bit of positive attention when BlackBerry first unveiled the OS and handsets a few weeks ago. But we think it all boils down to the pricing. The brand value has been slipping considerably over the past couple of years, and the only way the company can turn things around is by having an attractive price tag which could bring back some of its lost market share.

In terms of features, there’s no doubt that the Z10 is right up there with the likes of Samung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone 5, etc. Even the overall build quality is quite premium and impressive. But to really be able to stand up to Android and iOS, BlackBerry has got to do far more than be appealing to the corporate customer with advanced e-mail and security features. Does it have what it takes?

We had expected the Z10 to be priced at around Rs 39,000, but according to the latest news, the Z10 will set you back by around Rs 44,000 – which is significantly higher than the attractive pricing we were expecting to see. For a phone that has traditionally been known to be ideal for the senior executives in the corporate world, the high price does little to shed the elite tag and cater to a wider audience of potential consumers.

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