Saturday, June 10, 2023

Blackberry 10 Vs iPhone 5 Vs Sony Xperia Z : With BB10 Just A Few Days Away Would You Still Go For Androids And Apples?



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There are still few days remaining before curtains falls from Blackberry Z10 and images of Blackberry Z10 have started surfacing on internet.  Rapid Berry reported that images of BB10 have leaked and the website even showed BB10.  From the images it could be drawn that the device is available in black and white colors.

Images of BlackBerry X10, an N-series BB10 phone also surfaced both of them have full QWERTY keyboards. It is only Blackberry Z10 which is full touch screen. The BBC10 bores resemblance to HTC ChaCha.

Canada based RIM is hoping to strike back with BB10. The phone would be competing with Sony Xperia Z, iPhone 5, HTC Droid DNA and  Samsung Glaxay S3.

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In an interview with Fierce Wireless at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, Boulben stated that the company “does not have any exclusive relationships with carriers for BB10 in any markets.” He went on to add, “We intend over time as we transition the portfolio to have a full range of devices.”





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