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BlackBerry 10 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Need To Have Played Better To Break The Samsung Spell


What a wait it was for me—with the BlackBerry Z10 coming to town, I felt like reliving the days when I waited for getting hands on a latest brand of chocolate that just arrived at my neighborhood store. The feeling was just the same—only that this time it was THE BlackBerry I waited to lay hands on. In a word—I loved it-but BB needed to have played better to make me drool.

The UI that goes swipy and the BB apps made me hold my breath—but again—it did not much take it away. The messaging made me beam but then, the browser is a tad tiring in terms of navigation level. Perhaps Android has made me too skeptical! Also, the app board left me squirming for a sight of iOS or Android again. What I feel is the BB Z10 is not at par with how we define business phone in 2013. Didn’t they notice the befitting success of  Samsung Galaxy S3 or for that matter Samsung Galaxy Note 2!

With a lot of promise that Blackberry minus RIM,I was left in a soup if buying Blackberry 10 would actually be a good bet. For me—NO-  not when I have Apple iPhone5 and Samsung. galaxy S3 to sweep me off my feet.