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BlackBerry Z10 Vs HTC One: Is Change Of Fortune On The Cards

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With both HTC and Blackberry keeping their fingers crossed for the release of their flagship models in the days to come, we may see a change in the fortunes of these companies. If we were to test the worthiness of the much awaited HTC One and BlackBerry z10, then he best way of rating them would be to take them apart and test them for their reparability.

The unparalleled expertise of iFixit in opening new models and then fixing them back again, found one of these phones extremely difficult to repair. We are sure that you are keen to know which one of the two failed the test.

Well, separating the display unit and screen from the aluminum casing of the HTC One was pretty simple—but thereafter it was really difficult to repair it back to its original state. As per Miroslav Djuric, who is associated with iFixit, the internal parts and units of the HTC One are glued to their casing and the process of dismantling the phone could lead to disfiguring of its original form. So, the bottom line is that you will have to be careful not to break the HTC One, as the model was probably not manufactured with the scope of openability in mind.

While the HTC One received a 1/10 on the reparability scale, the BlackBerry Z10 scored an 8/10. The use of standard screws in the BlackBerry Z10 made unraveling its parts much easier. However, it was difficult to dismantle the display assembly, as the LCD screen was fused to the glass. The BlackBerry Z10 contains small parts such as the headphone jack and camera which are also difficult to move out of place.

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The BlackBerry Z10 certainly comes out on top as far as the reparability factor is concerned—but does this really influence your purchase decisions?


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