Saturday, June 10, 2023

BlackBerry Z10 Vs BlackBerry Q10: Bringing The Luscious Berry Is Back With Lethal Curves And Black Charm

After much anticipation and wait, BlackBerry finally unveiled its latest OS, the BlackBerry 10 at an event in New York yesterday. The company itself has now been renamed BlackBerry and also showcased 2 very interesting handsets running on the BlackBerry 10. So we decided to compare its two new smartphones, the Z10 and the Q10, to help you decide which of these would be ideal for your requirements.

BlackBerry Z10: First up, the form factor – the flagship model Z10 has a full touch-screen display of 4.2 inches. The display has a resolution of 1280X768 pixels, giving it an impressive 356 ppi count. The Z10 offers LTE connectivity, in addition to 3G and EDGE, and is powered by a 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2 GB of RAM. The company has put in an 1800 mAh battery in the Z10, which it claims can power the phone for over 10 hours. In terms of cameras too, the Z10’s well endowed – an 8 MP rear camera and a 2 MP one in the front. The Z10 is available with a 2-year data plan for just $200, which makes it quite an appealing device to pick up.

BlackBerry Q10: The Q10’s got a more familiar BlackBerry feel to it – it’s got a 3.1 touchscreen as well as a QWERTY keypad. The Q10’s touchscreen has a resolution of 720X720 pixels. While the company hasn’t officially revealed the specs of the Q10, we’re expecting it to be similar to that of the Z10. Both phones also have 16 GB of internal storage, but have a microSD card slot for those who want more memory. Even in terms of camera, it’s similar to the Z10 and has an 8 MP camera in the rear and a 2 MP front-facing one.

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BlackBerry’s announced that the BlackBerry 10 OS has on offer over 70,000 third-party apps to its users already, and this number’s continuously increasing. Another interesting feature is the updated BlackBerry Messenger, which allows users to even video chat with each other, instead of just sending texts. With such interesting features, we really wouldn’t be surprised to see BlackBerry rising up in the popularity charts this year.

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