Saturday, December 2, 2023

BlackBerry 10 Vs Apple iPhone 5: Alicia ‘Keys’ Into The BlackbBerry Lock, Ditches Her Apple Fetish

BlackBerry has tightened its strategy real tight since it let go off RIM from its name. Now the biggest news comes with Alicia Keys joining the Blackberry board as Global Creative Director. Now this is no deal on the appointment front. However, the catch of the story is that she claims to be oh-so-in-love with the Blackberry Z10 unveiled just two days back.

Her role would need her to collaborate with app designers, innovators and carriers so that BlackBerry garners up more juice drown its counterpart-competitors in. However, what got us wondering is how Keys could switch over to the Blackberry-romance story wearing an all-black ensemble, when she was addicted to her iPhone even sometime back!

Seems like she has switched sides too soon. Perhaps this is what you all being wise in business. Hear it from Keys who went on reard stating, “I don’t think it’s necessary to disclose which phone I used..”(before her patch up with BB)… “It was another phone.”

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