Sunday, May 19, 2024

BlackBerry Z10 To Get Back In Smartphone Carnival: Splurges On 70,000 Apps To Give Cold Sweat To iPhone 5


Slowly and steadily it is becoming clear that a term ‘not up to the mark’ is fading from RIM dictionary. It seems RIM is well aware of the future of smartphones and is leaving no stone unturned to set its tunes with the existing and upcoming smartphone technology.  Earlier phones from RIM lacked in Apps and that was a sore point which may be was one of the reasons why RIM started sinking. But if you believe RIM CEO Thorsten Heins than Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry X10 would boost 70,000 apps. He stated to media that the size of an App Store doesn’t matter and that RIM plans to carry the top 200 to 400 apps in each country and region.

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RIM has given $100 to each developer for submitting their apps.

A tweet sent my RIM states, “The first time in mid December, 4,000 apps were submitted. In the middle of this month, 15,000 more were sent in over a 37 hour period. That was followed by the last Port-a-Thon which just ended with 19,071 apps sent to RIM in just 36 hours”.

Yesterday to play on consumers psyche and convince investors to switch from iOS to Blackberry, RIM sent out a video comparing iPhone5 Blackberry Z10. Blackberry 10 is all set to launch on January 30th.

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