We’ve entered 2013 and it’s going to be a big year for BlackBerry’s maker Research in Motion (RIM). After fighting a losing battle over the past couple of years with the iPhone and various Android smartphones, the company is literally putting all its eggs into this one basket – that of the BlackBerry 10. In all fairness, RIM is going to face quite an uphill task at it takes on not just these 2 popular smartphone OS’s, but also Windows Phone 8, which has also been receiving its share of rave reviews.

One of the biggest challenges RIM will have to overcome is in the number of apps on offer. Given that Android and iOS have been around for a while, they each have over hundreds of thousands of apps that their users can choose from. Currently, the BlackBerry 10 has less than 100,000 apps on offer when it’s set to launch on January 30.

Another big issue with BlackBerry has to do with the brand perception. Traditionally, the BlackBerry has always been seen as a corporate, professional device, with no scope for entertainment. Although RIM did try quite a bit with expanding its customer base through marketing to make the BlackBerry appear more fun, let’s face it – its QWERTY keypad and tiny screen didn’t really spell out fun.

Which Is The Best

If it really wants to take on the likes of iOS and Android, the BlackBerry 10 OS should offer many entertainment apps, which will keep its users engaged. With its unique BlackBerry Balance feature, the BlackBerry Z10 will allow users to separate their work apps from their personal ones, making the Z10 a lot more likeable as a smartphone for stuff beyond work.

When we talk about the advantages, recent tests have shown that the BlackBerry Z10’s browser is much faster in performance than that of  iOS 6 and Windows Phone browsers. this is especially good for those who depend on their mobiles for accessing the net. The BlackBerry Z10 has also proven that it can handle multitasking comfortably, so we’re hoping that the BlackBerry App Store would have enough apps we can choose from to use this capability to the hilt.

Silver Lining In The Dark

The good news for RIM is that the BlackBerry 10 is being talked about and people are eagerly waiting to see the latest OS launching. If it has managed to make as many headlines even before its launch, we’re guessing all RIM needs to do is to play their cards just right to be able to make the BlackBerry 10 a successful smartphone OS. It may just be powerful enough to win back some of its loyal customers who have moved on to iPhones, Android phones, or maybe even Windows Phone based smartphones.