Sunday, May 19, 2024

Blackberry X10 Images Leaked On Instagram, Bold-esque Looks Impress Consumers


The release date of Blackberry 10 is approaching and the tech world can’t get enough of it. Bold looks of Blackberry X10 are creating quite a stir in smartphone market. If you will type #Blackberry 10 on Google search, you would find as series of BBX10 pictures on Instagram.  The QWERTY keyboard and Bold-esque look of the phone has been able to impress loads of people in tech world.

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Another phone which is an all touch Blackberry is Z10. Like X10 it sports a chic modern look. We are expecting quite a lot from Blackberry 10 OS which we are sure would be able to stand strongly against iOS6 and Jelly Bean.

Blackberry 10 browser has already created thrill in the mobile browser world and as years ago, RIM had said it wanted to build a world-class browser and it looks like it’s wish has come true.

What remains to see now is whether this new device from RIM , would be equipped enough to wage a war against Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.

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