Blackberry has introduced two models this year, one is full touch screen  Blackberry Z10  and other is QWERTY keyboard equipped Blackberry Q10. The model which is being hailed is off course Blackberry Z10 as we all know that full touch screen phones are catching up popularity. So the question is amidst  such tough competitors Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5 , Why would Blackberry a button enabled phone?

According to BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins BlackBerry has a very loyal following, which demands the full, physical QWERTY experience. Well what we are worried about is that with this strategy Blackberry is serving a limited no of consumers where is Samsung with its Galaxy line and off course Apple are trying to capture as much market share as they can.


So what is there in store for BlackBerry Q10 with QWERTY keyboard? Is it time for Blackberry to give up the keys obsession  and focus on other better touch screen phone than BlackBerry Z10.