Blackberry SecuTABLET- way forward into futureBlackBerry has decided to look way forward into future. In the latest move, the company is now extending its product range beyond Smartphone. The Secusmart wing of BlackBerry has announced that the company will be unveiling a high security tablet SecuTABLET in Germany. The same is to be unveiled at CeBIT 2015.

The tablet has been developed in collaboration with IBM and is based on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. The good point about this new innovation is that it can be integrated into existing SecuSUITE infrastructures. Personal Apps which are not secured like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and WhatsApp too can be used on this medium.

The device is also undergoing certification at German Federal Office for Information Security. Once it gets a go ahead from this office, the devise will get a high security ranking from German VS-NfD.

BlackBerry is taking this new innovation from its storehouse with much pride. Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle, the CEO of Secusmart observes that security has been a vital part of BlackBerry’s portfolio and it includes the voice and data based encryption solutions.

Voice and data communication has been entrusted by national and international governments to Secusmart Security Cards for years and this secure technology will now see the light of the day in SecuTABLET.