blackberry-10 launches with thunder USA

While BlackBerry has been on the sidelines on the popularity and fan base front, a latest update for the BlackBerry 10 could change its fortune. Globally, all users of the BB 10 will now be able to access a new update for a more interactive and user friendly experience.

If you are wondering what could be so game changing about the rollout, here is a brief look-

  • The update enables BlackBerry owners to create customized filters via pinch gesture. Al you need to do is visit Blackberry Hub.
  • Automated call reject reverts on non-availability
  • More interactive call screen layout
  • Direct access to messages from notification screen
  • Authentication via picture-based password
  • Battery monitor
  • Contact sync by choice

We smell too much inspiration from Android. Perhaps insecurity indeed gives rise to better results.

BlackBerry has also been inspired by Android with the latest update, introducing a customizable quick-settings menu, much like Android’s dropdown bar.