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Thanksgiving Mouth Watering Deals: List Of Legitimate Deals On Electronic Items

To find a good legitimate Black friday deal is getting more difficult it seems, with many dubious ones out there. Here are some deals you can cash in on that are worth choosing, along with some “warning signs” implying dubiousness:

  • Cheap HDTVs: LG’s 55-inch 1080p TV (55LN5100) is being sold at BestBuy for $500, the original price is $1000. However it must be noted that the TV has only two HDMI inputs, no features of smart TV, and there are no mentions of contrast or brightness ratios. Yes, you won’t find it any cheaper, however there are strict concerns about the quality. Consider choosing Walmart, that is offering the 60-inch Vizio E601i-A3E at $688.
  • Smartphones all around: Expect huge crowds, but if you are lucky to reach there, consider buying a smartphone. When you agree on a two-year service guarantee, Best Buy offers Samsung Galaxy S4 free, LG G2 for $25 and HTC One for $30. Walmart is offering Motorola Moto X for $50, and gives $100 gift card in return, isn’t it cool to get paid for buying something? Same with iPhone 5C, Walmart is offering it at $49 and giving a gift card worth $75. iPhones 5S for $189 with $75 gift card.
  • Apple products: Its great news for Apple fans this year, Best Buy is offering $150 off the regular price of Macbook Air models. 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina display is available at $1100 instead of $1300. When you purchase iPad mini for $299, you will get $100 gift card from Walmart.
  • Tablets: Users must not get tempted by cheap tablet deals, the products are tablets with very low resolutions, weak battery performance issues, and low internal storage facility. The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is offered at $99 by Best Buy, the hardware is the same as last year’s version, but 16GB of storage is available. The 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD is available at $169. (Original price: $229 at Amazon)
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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
Sharma is the Lead-Instructional Designer at Pen Pundit. She takes care of all academic projects acquired and undertaken by the company. In her free time, she will be found fighting for animal rights.

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