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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Could Be More Exciting Than Episode 1!

bioshock-infinite_burial-at-sea_episode-1After playing the Episode one, it is very clear that Irrational Games has kept the best for the second episode….

The latest installment of Bioshock: Burial at Sea episode 1 has added glamour to the word ‘game’ but still leaves an incomplete feeling for the gamer. Aptly so, one might add, considering the fact that there is more in the offering. The first episode takes you to Rapture which couldn’t have been more artistically designed for the users. It explores the best in imagination along with the series of interesting ‘residents’. Gamers get to play the role of private investigator, Booker DeWitt hired by the sultry Elizabeth who assigns him to investigate a missing young girl named Sally. The FPS game with all its splendor has been made more interesting however, many fans are still of the opinion that it could have been improved in the gameplay section. The high pricing notwithstanding, the game offers less for the passionate gamer who would like to play it many times over. You can pick guns on the way and shoot to your liking. The game plays out in an abridged version and it could have been more useful if the length was extended for a more interesting combat experience. More locations could have also added more to the game. The slick rendering of the game is still the highlight of the episode.

However, hope is still not lost, the second episode of the game has Elizabeth becomes the protagonist. After Booker, it provides the perfect opportunity to play within the Rapture. Her role in the Episode 1 is crucial and now it remains to be seen if her game play could be more enticing. As per Irrational Games, the party is not over yet and the game is still got its best part remaining! 

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