You can’t blame Bill Gates for being loyal to his previous company. But when the ex-boss of Microsoft appeared at a recent interview at CNBC and remarked that iPad users were frustrated using the tablet, we really wish he had done his background research properly.

Gates couldn’t help but try to promote Microsoft’s Surface RT and Pro tablets, except these remarks quite literally appeared to have come out of nowhere – especially given that there are quite a few aspects where the Microsoft tablets are lagging behind their competition.

Gates remarked at how revolutionary a product Windows 8 is, since it allows users the benefits of both a PC and a tablet, in the same device, particularly the convenience of the keyboard and Office. However, what he missed mentioning is that the keyboard for Surface is an additional accessory that has to be purchased separately. And that the Surface RT, while shipping with Office, doesn’t run all Windows 8 apps and lacks Outlook.

And then Gates went on to exclaim that iPad users were a frustrated lot, being unable to type conveniently on their devices and how the iPad doesn’t have Office. But, Mr. Gates, we have to ask, if iPad users were really that frustrated, how come Apple’s tablet is the bestselling device in the tablet world?