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Bigger Screen iPhone 6 Release Date :2014 Debut of 1st iOS Phablet

holiday_top_giftsAnalysts are pretty sure that Apple is going to be larger in 2014, with virtual release date rumours anytime in between June and September. For Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian White, the new release in 2014 from Apple is the iPhone 5s successor with a larger screen profile, retiring the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. iPhone 6 is anticipated to bring positive results for Apple.

In particular, China is the main focus through the recently sealed agreement of Apple with China Mobile. The Chinese service provider holds over 700million active subscribers. Only few Chinese consumers get their hand on Apple series like iPad series or new iPhone but with this effort, the company will boost its potential sales. For the present year, Apple is expected to bring up new segments and products and re-accelerate development in China and strengthen its root in the present segments

White further added that the release of bigger iPad with 13inch screen and the much anticipated iWatch will help Apple solid its growth. However, a bigger company product range will redound to Apple’s advantage, as per an assessment issues by Wells Fargo. While iPhone 6 is the most ambitious project of the company, Well Fargo stated that it could prominently cut down the profit margin of the company.

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The investment companies are winding up the subsidies of US telecoms as the device producer will surely feel the pinch due to the weakening smartphone demand at least in USA, due to the expensive retail price of the handset.

Wells Fargo predicted that Apple close the sale of 2013 with 55 million iPhones and 24 million iPads. Still, the company faced a downfall, reflecting Apple’s roller-coaster display at the stock market. 2014 will be headline year for Apple with amazing releases marked as game changers, the 12.9inch iPad Pro, smart watch iWatch and iPhone 6


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