Big Amazon Kindle App Update Is a Delightful Revamp

Wow! We just saw that the Amazon has revamped its Kindle app with exciting new features and a fresh design. With this new update of the app, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into your e-book reader. The new Kindle app is available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The latest app is a decent replacement for your Kindle device, which may ask for a little effort as you need to carry it along.

Features of the Kindle App Update

With the new update, the latest version of the Kindle app serves more than ordinary functions. The deeper integration of Goodreads will let you share book recommendation with your friends. There is no longer the old kindle logo app icon and slash screen. It now has a child reading a book sitting under a tree.
One of the most exciting new feature this time is the dark/light color themes which allow a reader to switch to something that suits their mood and preference at any given time.
The new design is also worth mentioning. Kindle app now looks cleaner and more profound. The library tab stays where it was, while the search bar has been moved to the top, leaving only a discover tab at the bottom. Searching for new titles has become a lot easier with the new update as the covers are larger, giving a more exciting visual appeal. On the right of the page is a Settings option for users to manage their preferences. Also, the bottom bar navigation automatically shows an icon of the book currently being read by the user. You can also create your personal bookstore.
Those who enjoy reading books will like this update because a lot has been changed to replicate the feel of a book. For instance, the new font is now sharper and a lot easier on the eyes. With the new update, the Kindle app also allows readers to switch between the pages. While reading, you may now spot an arrow at the top-left of the display screen, which lets you return to your book library on tapping.This time, the arrow works so much better than earlier.
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