Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 phablet was extremely well received by the smartphone users ever since it released last year. But with technology being only as new as the latest offering, will the brand new Galaxy S4 and the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 make users forget about this gorgeous device?

Sure, it boasts great specs, especially its lovely 5.5-inch screen, S-Pen, quad-core 1.6 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM. Also, its S-Pen works with Air View, which lets users hover their S-Pen over the screen to open up e-mail or new windows on the device. But then, the S-Pen notwithstanding, the Galaxy S4 has also got a similar floating touch feature. And while it may not have as large a screen, it sure does pack quite a punch too.

And then there are rumors about the new Galaxy Note 3 which will undoubtedly feature an S-Pen, in addition to having more powerful specs. So where does this leave the Galaxy Note 2? Will Samsung discontinue the device or offer it at a much lesser price? We hope it’s the latter!