OnePlus One’s compatibility with both Cyanogen OS 12 an Oxygen OS has raised a common question among the users, as they want to know, which of these is better suited for their smartphone. Though both the operating systems have an identical look, Cyanogen 0S 12 has much better customization options.

Which Is Better Cyanogen OS 12 Or OxygenBy installing this, users will be able to change almost every icon on their phone, including battery. Customizations are also available for status bar, fonts as well as settings. Not just this, the OS is preloaded with Audio Maxx, Cyanogen Mail and many other useful apps. Plenty of choices on themes allow users to personalize their phone as per wish.

While Cyanogen offers a wide range of choices for optimizing the smartphone, Oxygen OS is quite similar to that of Android and has limited customization options. However, apps like Hangout are often useful. Yet, it offers better battery life than Cyanogen OS, as the huge options for customizing drains battery quickly.

Though Oxygen is better in terms of battery life, it is tricky to install as users often cannot flash the ROM manually on their device. Cyanogen 12 updates are automatically notified on phone and can be easily installed by connecting to any Wi-Fi. Thus, it makes Cyanogen OS 12 a better option for OnePlus One users.

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