This year has been all good news for the gamers. With the world under lockdown, gamers have had a great time crushing on their latest Xbox games. Glued to their TV screen, gamers have found gaming to be the best avenue to connect and socialize with friends, family, and colleagues, all from within the comforts of their home. If you are looking to ace up your gaming experience, here are the best television set to go with your PlayStation.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Television Set To Go with PlayStation

  • The best television set to go with PlayStation should not be less than 4K resolution.
  • Opt for OLED over LCD and look for a minimum of four HDMI ports.
  • Look for best television set to go with PlayStation with higher refresh rate. Go for television set offering no less than 60 Hz or 120 Hz refresh rate. A higher refresh rate will not only make the entire gaming experience incredible but provides a clear motion for everything, including movies, favourite Netflix series, and live sports as well.
  • Screen size should vary according to the room size when selecting the best television set to go with PlayStation. While for a six to eight feet, a 55-inch TV would work best, but for three to up to five feet, TVs with 32-inch screen are best suited.
  • Along with investing in a good sound bar, do opt for the latest HDMI 2.1 format.
  • Opt for Smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi feature to ensure unlimited binging on your favourite game or series.

Best Television Set To Go with PlayStation

LG UK6300 43-Inch 4K TV

LG UK6300 43-Inch 4K TV

LG UK6300 43-Inch 4K TV’s trendsetting IPS technology is a delight for gamers. Basking the one position in the 5 best television set to go with PlayStation, this LG 4K TV puts in practice the in-plane switching feature to offer the viewers rich coloursalong with a strong contrast ratio. Consistent wide angle views, the LG 4K TV holds over 8.2 million pixels, thus offering a resolution that is four times that of Full HD.

Fine picture quality and breathtaking clarity makes LG 4K TV amongst the top contender in the best TV set list. It is augmented with scene-by-scene picture adjustment along with multi-format 4K high dynamic range supporting HDR10 and HLG.

Basic Features of LG UK6300 43-Inch 4K Television Set To Go with PlayStation

  • IPS 4K Display
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • 4K Active HDR
  • webOS™ 4.0
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Ultra-Surround Sound
  • Intelligent voice recognition

The best part is the outstanding quad-core processor that beautifully enhances the sharpness and at the time reduces the unwanted video noise.

 Sony X950G 75-Inch Android TV

Sony X950G 75-Inch Android TV

The sleek design of Sony X950G makes it quite interesting. Adorning a built-in Chromecast, this Sony TV promises surprising picture quality with excellent wide angle views. Sony is strongly emphasizing reducing the environmental footprint throughout their business activities, and this change is the most welcomed one. What makes Sony secure a position in the best television set to go with PlayStation list is Power Saving Mode feature coupled with Display offMode. These add-ons help in saving energy by turning the picture display off without having to put the Smart TV into full stand-by mode. This means viewers can still enjoy the audio while the TV is in snooze mode.

Sony X950G is considered as one of the best 4K gaming TVs owing to 22.4 millisecond response time, embedded support for 10-bit color, along with Dolby Vision and gaming at 60Hz in full 4K resolution. Isn’t it wonderful?!

Basic Features of Sony X950G 75-Inch Android Television Set To Go with PlayStation

  • 4K High Dynamic Range
  • Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate
  • Acoustic Multi-Audio™
  • Android TV™
  • DTS Digital Surround Sound

Samsung Q80T

Samsung Q80T

Designed creating every bit of fancy technology, the Samsung Q80T is indeed one of the best television set to go with PlayStation.  What makes this future-proofed for the next console generationare the mind-boggling features, including Auto Low-Latency Mode (ALLM), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and 120Hz playback. The key reason for it winning the race of the best television set to go with Playstation is the low levels of lag. That means, when fully optimised, it rejoins in just 8.7ms, which is unbelievable for a TV. 

Basic Features of Samsung Q80TTelevision Set To Go with PlayStation

  • Quantum Processor 4K
  • Direct Full Array 8X
  • OTS
  • Quantum HDR 12X
  • Object Tracking Sound (OTS)
  • Color Volume 100% with Quantum Dot

Philips PUS6814

Philips PUS6814

Philips PUS6814 is the best budget TV to make it to the list of best television set to go with PlayStation. The colourful and rich panel yields excellent HDR images and promises solid image processing.Moreoer, the 7 series television set offers a trio of 4K HDMI inputs, and looksamazing with native 4K HDR sources. So, with an image lag of 123.7ms, enjoy unlimited fun without any disruption.

Basic Features of Philips PUS6814Television Set To Go with PlayStation

  • Complete HDR Support
  • LED display Technology
  • Built-in LED Mood Lighting Technology
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10+ HDR

We sincerely hope that our list of best television set to go with PlayStation will help you make the right choice. Do write to us if you’d like us to review any other product or elaborate on any other feature of the best television set to go with PlayStation.