Best Tech Christmas 2017 Gifts for Kids

Christmas gift
With Christmas around the corner, your little one must be ready with your child’s wishlist for Santa that you need to bring to life. We understand how confusing it can be. Especially since the next generation is all about gadgets and gizmos. The good thing about technology is that it has made learning fun.
Well, since at TechThirsty we always like to give moms a sneak into all things tech, we decided to do a list of gadgets that moms can gift to their little ones.
Here is our super-intense list of fun gadgets for your child. These gadgets are kid-friendly and they offer learning while enriching their gaming experience.


Osmo Gaming System


If you want something engaging for your child, try the Osmo Gaming System for iPads. It has some engaging games that can be played on the iPad or the iPhone, including coding and numbers. Remember, you need the Osmo base to play any of these games. These iPad-based gaming systems are available in both Air and Mini. They come with a red reflector attached on the top to help track the movement. The Starter pack comprises four games, whilst the others like Coding and Numbers can be purchased as add-ons. Osmo also has several spatial games that are played using physical props such as letter tiles or tangram pieces


Griffin KaZoo MyPhones


Everybody loves a funky pair of headphones. Griffin’s KaZoo headphones are not only safe but extremely cute and attractive. Designed to ensure that the sound pressure level adheres to the prescribed limit for kids, this is a perfect Christmas gift for young ears. The options are unlimited and the most famous ones come with animal designs such as a frog, penguin or monkey.


Scrabble Flash Cubes


A game designed to build vocab and word skills, Scrabble is everyone’s favorite. Scrabble has made advancements and has gone digital to meet the changing preferences. This portable new version of Scrabble is everyone’s dream. What’s exciting about the tech version is that the difficulty level can be set in accordance with the number of SmartLink letter tiles used. It also appreciates every time a word is made as it lights up and beeps when time runs out. The tiles helps keep the score too, and intimates the player about the number of correct words out the whole lot.


Loopz Shifter Game


An updated twist on Simon, Loopz requires one or more players to be quick and use their memory to wave hands in the correct sequence via the loops. Loopz has been enabled with music, lights, motion sensors and seven fun games that is a sure blast for kids as well as adults.

VTech InnoTab Max Kids Tablet


With a 7-inch multi-touch screen, this children’s tablet has an ever-expanding library with 650 educator-supported learning casings along with some 18 exceptional educational Android apps. Available in an adaptable design, this tech tablet is kid-friendly and quite simple to use. The HDMI high-resolution display is easy on the eyes of the kids and this model comes with customizable parental controls. This electronic learning gadget has a 180 degree rotating camera and video recorder and 8 GN of memory that can play MP3 and MP4 files as well.


Fascinations First-Time Clock Puzzle


An absolute delight for gadget freak and budding engineers, this technology toy works without batteries. A must for the inquisitive mind, curious kids will have a blast assembling this spring-powered clock. This gadget will help kids get a hands-on lesson on machineries as the game asks players to follow the color-coded instruction whilst testing their spatial skills.