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Best Site to Download Bollywood Movies in HD

As the face of Bollywood changes with more films being released online these days, there is unlimited entertainment online. However, there is always the worry of where are Bollywood Movies in HD available for download. While there are several unreliable sites to download Bollywood movies, they will not be half as entertaining. Hence, we have curated an exciting list of best site to download Bollywood movies in HD safely and easily.

Bollywood movies have their own cult following in not only India but all across the globe. It is no surprise that Bollywood movies perform extremely well even in countries which don’t speak Hindi. They run the race quite closely with Hollywood movies and have grossed millions of dollars overseas in business.

There are several options of free movie downloads of Bollywood films in HD available on the internet today. However, downloading them exposes you to poor content and opens the door or viruses. Hence, we have identified a list of places where you can download quality Bollywood movies in HD format almost free of cost. Some of these cost less than a cup of coffee!

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Here are some of the best sites to download Bollywood movies in HD format.

YouTube Movies

YouTube Movies

YouTube offers several streaming and download of HD quality movies. The cost is lesser than the price of a film ticket but the experience is equally mind-blowing. You can watch these movies on your phone, laptop or full HD screen at home conveniently!

YouTube also allows its visitors to stream their favourite movies online in HD quality. You can connect the payment system to a YouTube account, using a credit card or through any popular online payment method. We also have ideas on how to download youtube videos conveniently. 


Fzmovies is a free site to download Bollywood movies. It has several categories which lets you download movies of different languages.

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It allows users to search movies according to its directors and various genres.



Sony Crackle is a great place to start watching free HD movies online. Because it is owned by Sony, the picture quality is astounding. It’s a good source to download movies in HD format. Once you sign up for the portal, they give you a list of movies to choose from. As you keep using it, the system start showing movies that are relevant to you.

The site offers the most recent Bollywood movies which you can download. You can easily download your favourite Bollywood movie in HD. Have enough phone memory and internet to download 300MB, 400MB, 1080p, 700MB or HD movies.

It has a one-stop portal, where you can get the best of Telugu, Gujarati, Hollywood, Punjabi movies, cartoon movies, Malayalam, TV shows, and more. The site also provides you with a quick guide to walk you through the steps to download movies.

Public Domain Torrents

This comes at the top of the list because it surely wins over its users with its popularity. The downloading process is quite simple and content is available on the website is in HD format as well. You can search for you favourite movie you want to download in the search bar and get started. Not only Hindi movies, they have content available in English and other Indian languages as well. 

This is not the right website for anyone who is struggling with low internet speeds. Before you find the best site to download Bollywood Movies in HD, you are required to create a free account. You can find latest movies on this website and it allows you to download 300MB movies easily.



ModernMob is renowned for its extensive database. The website has the movies from the premium platforms. This website is a pirated website due to which domain keeps changing at a regular interval of time.

You can also subscribe their mailing list to stay updated regarding the links and shows uploaded on the platform. When you click on the thumbnail of any movie, you will get the short description of the story plot, duration, cast, and genre of film or series

If you are looking for offbeat films, this is a great option for you. Simply log onto the platform and choose from a range of HD films online that you can watch from the comfort of your home.

Though some people have faced problems with this website, it is a good place for some unique cinema watching experiences. is currently one of the most popular platfrom to download Bollywood movies. This website has a massive database of films, where you can stream online or download for free.

Whether you love watching new Indian movies or classic movies, this site will provide you with your choice. You will first need to have an account to download movies from the website.  It also allows you to explore available movies according to your country.

Google Play Movies

The Google Play store offers a wide range of kickass to download Bollywood movies in HD format. This place offers movies in HD format and there are numerous options when it comes to choosing which movie to download. So not only can you download Bollywood movies, you will be able to download movies from other countries as well.

Simply enter your Google Play details and download films at minimal cost.

Bollywood masala movies are enjoyed by not only Indians but also by several other countries are punk the globe. If statistics are anything to go by, in North America alone more than 3.3 million people are fond of Bollywood movies. Good movies not only entertain you but occasionally also force you to think out of the box.

Out of the thousands of websites which are available as best site to download Bollywood Movies in HD, we hope that the aforementioned websites help you in downloading movies quickly and easily. So, what are you waiting for, go check out these websites and enjoy watching epic Bollywood movies. 

Although there are various streaming services where you can enjoy new releases as well as classics, many people still prefer to download their movie and keep adding to their collection. So, we’ve collected a list of legal sites to download Bollywood movies in HD format so enjoy it in just the way the filmmakers expect you to!

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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