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Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Free [2021]

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With the lockdown nature was breathing. The Internet was flooded with beautiful images captured by people showcasing the healing mother earth. This pandemic has ignited the photographer in us. While we can click some decent pictures, using good photo editing apps, especially on Android — can help you get more likes and hearts.

With the right photo filters and touch-ups, you can sharpen your photos, remove unwanted aspects, and also can add a new element. We have put together a list of the best Android apps for photo editing you can try to suit your picture editing needs.

Give your existing clicks a whole new look, all from the comfort of your sofa.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2020 You Can Try:

Google Photos

This is one of the best Android Apps for photo editing from Google. Google Photos has a range of photo backup tools and to refine a photo, you need to tap on the edit icon. Numerous filters and sliders will appear which will fine-tune the photo.

Key features of Google Photos app:

  • Free high-quality storage on photos.google.com
  • Creates a smart automatic album
  • Advanced editing suite
  • Allows you to share photos at a rapid pace with others


This is another worthy Android app for photo editing from Google. It offers a wide selection of filters to the users. It has over 29 filters which can turn a dull looking photo into a vibrant picture.  You can also open JPG and RAW files through this app.

Key features of Snapseed:

  • The Facility of selective filter brush
  • Image tuning is fairly easy and exposure, colour can be adjusted automatically
  • Lens blur feature to bring portraits alive

Download the Android app for photo editing from Google Playstore.


Desygner is a powerful design tool that provides access to millions of royalty-free photos. Additionally, it helps users to create professional designs using your own images or even stock images. We like that users can import images directly from any social media channel or cloud drive, including Facebook, Instagram and Google+.

  • Photos available for commercial use
  • Unlimited downloads of stock photos per month
  • Integrates a library of more than 125 million Shutterstock stock photos
  • Offers access to Unsplash and Pixabay as well as Photodexia

Photoshop Lightroom

For those who wish to take their photography skills to the next level, Photoshop Light room is a good option. You can consider it among the best Android Apps for photo editing.

It has a range of easy to use image editing tools like filters and sliders which add texture and life to the photo. By simply dragging the sliders, you can work upon the weak links of the photo and make it look fresh and full of life.

Key features of Photoshop Light room photo editing app:

  • It has a pro-level camera and you can choose exposure, timer preset and a lot of other features
  • Professional and HRD mode available
  • The AI-based smart organization which organizes photos based on objects and people
  • Cloud storage available which makes photography a hassle-free experience



A unique photo editing app for both Android and iOs users, VSCO has a built-in social network that makes sharing photos a child’s play. This photo editing app works pretty well as it allows you to import and edit RAW photos to make them look superb by using contrast and saturation feature.

Key features of VSCO Android photo editing app:

  • Plethora of photo editing tools to do the magic
  • Option of collating video stories



Want to turn your photos into a piece of art? The app not only does the basic editing work like adjusting the saturation, balance, and colour but changes the look of the photo. It offers different art styles and makes the photo look unique and special as if created by an artist.

Key features of Prisma:

  • Over 300 art styles in its library
  • New art filters released on a regular basis
  • Join the community of like-minded people and harness your photography skills

To find unique photo editing apps, you can check App Store Link & Apple Store

These are some of the Best Android Apps for Photo Editing that you can use. Each of these has something special that will add worth to every single picture that you click and refine with these photo editing apps.  Shoot your heart out and do not forget to share the picture-perfect moments with us.

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