Technology has been improving year by year and every year there is a new range of laptops. Here are few that can be considered the best buys in 2015.

  • Best Laptops to buy in 2015 Apple MacBook – This is one of the finest ultraportable laptop this season. Priced at $1,289.00 – $1,299.00, this laptop has got excellent reviews from experts. With Intel’s Core M Processor and 12 inches of screen, this machine offers a sleek look, which is exceedingly easy to carry.
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13”– Not quite different from its 12-inch counterpart, this 13 inches machine has all features like Force Touch trackpad, long battery life, fast memory and Retina display. What else you can ask for at the price of $1,299.
  • Lenovo LaVie Z – It is one of the light-weight laptops of 2015 that can be called ‘lighter than the air’. With price of $1,499, LonovoLaVie Z is loaded with powerful processor and an improved set of connections and ports.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 –Despite of the larger screen i.e. 12 inches and high resolution, Surface Pro 3 is lighter and thinner than its two predecessors. It is more than a laptop and good as a tablet with new kickstand that makes it easy to use even on desk. The device is ideally priced at $695 to $799
  • Dell XPS 13 Non-touch –The borderless display make this revamped 13” machine into one of the smallest laptops we have in 2015. The Intel’s latest CPU and long battery life is all that forces buyers to get hold of Dell XPS laptop.

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Dell XPS 13 Takes The Sheen Off Latest 12-Incher Apple MacBook