Technology is changing at an effervescent rate. With high-end smartphones making their way to customers, the innovations that technology can bring about has also increased multifold. A lot of interesting things can be done with a smartphone, be it an iOS or Android. We can add widgets; we can add search bars and gesture shortcuts — we can have blank space wherever we wantand customize our favorite smartphone. Here are a few tech-related tips and tricks that will indeed simplify your daily routine and make your life much easier

Trapping someone inside smartphone

Pretending as if someone is stuck behind the screen is amongiOS/Android hacks that can be mastered with relative ease. All you need to do is to ask a friend to press up against a glass panel.  A solid background will be required to perform this hack.

Before you take a snap, ask your friend to come as close as possible. Editing if required can be done directly on iPhone while those using Android can check some apps to do the needful.

Set this image to your lock screen menu and watch the fun!

Contact Specific Vibrations

Custom ringtone is an in-built featurethat can be tweaked using iOS/Android phone hacks to create create contact specific vibrations. For iOS users, this hack requiresa minute modification in a person’s contact information. Here are the steps:

  • Choose a contact, scroll down to edit tab and come to Ringtone or Text tone option
  • Vibration setting for each of these options gets displayed
  • Tap on it to choose vibration, alternatively you can also set up your own customized vibration

Wbouvy will do the task for those using Android smartphone for this hack.

Displaying Weather on Lock Screen

Checking your smartphone every morning especially during the monsoon season for weather updates is a difficult task. But, this simple iOS/Android phone hack is super cool and instantly allows you to see the daily weather updates on the lock screen, when set at default.

Both iOS and Android users can make their smartphonesmart in real sense by turning these into live weather stations.

iOS users can use

Android users can use

Changing App Icons

Personalizing the app icons is a step in the direction of customization of smartphones. These iOS/Android hacks can be done with the help of numerous applications available online. Apps like Iconical, App Icons and Coco PPa can deliver this trick with perfection.

With the help of these apps, users can choose from a library that has multiple icons and can also upload their own images.

Customizing Lockscreen

Android users might feel left out as some hacks work specifically for iOS.Android users often turn to their Widgets to look for some cool options. Adding the widget to the lock screen will make this task more interesting.

You can use lock screen modifiers like Widget Locker Lock screen to put the widget on the lock screen itself. Background and layout can also be customized as per the choice of the user.

We hope that these iOS/Android phone hacks will give a boost to your creative instinct, especially when it comes to experimenting with technology. Do share your awesome hacks and tell us more about its advantages.