Everyone is looking for smart choices even if you have the coolest thing that can give you desirable results. Similarly IDM substitutes are better options for downloading images, files, videos at a constant speed. Internet Download Manager is a helpful tool that increases the downloading speed up to 5 times. It is equipped with several features, including user friendly, scheduled downloads with uninterrupted internet connections, but unfortunately this IDM does not support Windows or Mac, so to overcome this weakness, we have IDM substitutes. These IDM substitutes are available free of cost and are suitable with all kinds of operating system.

Advantages of Internet Download Manager

  1. IDM substitutes offer the best downloading speed with extra features of saving the download, resuming the download, scheduling the download and many other features.
  2. It has hidden plugins that allows the user to habitually ask for downloading as soon as it recognizes any media file in the web browser. It saves users time and energy to download a separate YouTube downloader.
  3. Batch downloading is the USP of Internet Download Manager because it allows the downloading to occur in small chunks for maintaining the downloading speed. It takes control of AutoSaving the downloaded files and gives them a particular address. It also builds a list of recent downloads and allows a user-friendly access to it.
  4. It proposes to download from streaming video sites with an interrupted downloading process.
  5. IDM substitutes are efficient on web browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, Flock, Google Chrome and many more.
  6. It provides uninterrupted downloading of large files irrespective of connection errors. It can pause and resume the downloading process without any delay even in case of unscheduled shutdowns.

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Which version of IDM substitute is the best?

In this fast pace of life, when everyone is travelling, it is hard to find smooth internet connections for downloading data. So, it is good to adopt IDM substitutes for experiencing better downloading experience. Among different available IDB substitutes, Download Accelerator Plus is the best alternative. It is available free of charge and has a competitive downloading speed but its premium version is paid. Its exclusive features gives it a chance to win the race like it allows video preview, watching videos while downloading, checking of content after immediate download, it runs smoothly on all operating system like Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or higher.

What is the best alternative to IDM?

All Video Downloader is one of the best alternatives to IDM. It escalates the downloading speed of the videos and also converts video from different video sites like YouTube and many other sites. It offers users plenty of options and has a user friendly interphase.

Best internet Downloader manager alternatives for Windows Mac and Linux

  1. JDownloader: It is one of the best IDM substitutes available because it features all the important specifications of IDM. The most important feature is that it can resume the downloading process from where it lost the connectivity. It is accessible on all operating systems with quick installation. It can quickly recognize the downloaded file, can also customize the theme and is available with translation feature also.
  2. EagleGet: It is one man show download manager. It accelerates the speed up to 10 times as compare to any other IDM substitutes.  It is friendly with all types of browsers and can also convert videos into HD and audio format. It managesthe entiredownloading task very easily and can download large and multiple files in one go. It also has a silent mode in which all the download notifications can be turned off.
  3. FlashGet:This IDM substitute is explicitly designed for MS Windows. Another popular name of FlashGet is “Jet Car”because its downloading speed is like jet speed. It provides a provision for Torrent Files also. It acts as a healer and quickly checks for bugs and malwares or viruses once the download is complete.

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Hope this article will help you choose the best IDM substitute for yourself. Don’t forget in to drop your reviews in the comment section. If you are already using Internet Download Manager alternative, then do let us know their features and advantages. We would love to try it out!

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