Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone

Fitness Apps for iPhone users

The lockdown has been all about looking inwards. With ample time in hand, we all have started taking extra-care of our health and well-being. From diligently following a set skincare routine, we have also started taking of our physique and with gyms being closed, health and fitness apps are a saviour. Here Phone users to take your exercise rotine to a new high. From easy to do 7 minute workout to a sweaty cardio session, these best health and fitness apps for iPhone cover it all.

Come let’s have a look at the best health and fitness apps for iPhone.

1. 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout

The health and fitness app breaks down the quintessential 7 minute workout that promises a healthy body and mind. The scientifically formulated workout (as featured in the New York Times) promises to help you stay in shape. The app guides you what exercise to perform and for how long. It also provides a timer for your rest periods and also has a voice assistant to motivate you towards your fitness goals.

Key Features of 7 Minute Workout Health and Fitness App

  • Dynamic workout views
  • Voice assistant
  • Time tracker
  • With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app

2. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

With expertly designed workout, Nike training app is a must health and fitness apps for iPhone users who are just starting with their fitness regime. Each exercise is well explained with a virtual trainer performing alongside. Not only you have different categories, including yoga, fat burner workout, body strength workouts, stretches, etc., you also have timed workout to get that fat burning.

Key Features of Nike Training Health and Fitness App

  • Exercise schedule designed by fitness experts
  • Athletic training tips
  • Range of cardio and strength training exercises
  • Nutrition and fitness tips from experts

You can download Nike Training Club for iOS here

3. Argus


This is a multi-faced health and fitness app with an activity tracker cum meal planner that not only monitors the sleep pattern but also keeps a count of your calories.  This one is loaded with a lot of fitness challenges to keep you fit and motivated. An innovative feature is the calorie tracker where you can scan the food you eat to track all the calories.

Key Features of Argus Health and Fitness App

  • Connects you to a community of active fitness freaks
  • Keeps a tab on your calorie intake
  • Gives you a realistic picture of the ideal exercise schedule to be followed

4. MyFitnessPal


Track calories, breakdown ingredients, and log activities with MyFitnessPal health and fitness app for iPhone. This app has a step tracker and a bar code scanner which makes it easy for you to keep a count of what you eat. It also lets you know the nutrition benefits of the food that you take.

Key Features of MyFitnessPal Health and Fitness App

  • Connects you with over 50 other fitness apps and groups
  • Makes you a mindful eater rather than a careless foodie
  • Maintains a food diary so that you can see what you are eating

5. Cyeclemeter

This app is ranked among the best iPhone apps for health and fitness if you are among the lot who love to cycle a lot for losing those extra pounds. It will turn your phone into a computer as you will receive a lot of data in the form of maps and graphs, all showcasing the health benefits that you have made from cycling your way to health.

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Being healthy is a state of mind. A person only needs a lot of determination and should have the instinct of looking and feeling fit. There are definitely many ways of doing so and using these best iPhone apps for health and fitness will definitelymake this task easy.Try these health and fitness apps for iPhone and share your weight loss journey.