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Best Gadgets We Want To See In MWC 2018

Mobile World Congress is an annual event that sees participation from the who’s who of the mobile phone industry. The world’s leading manufacturers of smartphones come together to parley on things that matter as well as exhibit the latest innovations. Last year, many brands released their signature devices at the conference such as the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, LG G6 and the like. This year, while Samsung has already declared to launch the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus right before the MWC, there are certain other phones that we wish to see at the conference.

  1. Moto G, X and E variants – Lenovo introduced a list of devices last year including top notch laptops and VR headsets. However, it did not have much to offer in the smartphone space. Therefore, we are expecting that either of the Moto G, X or E variants might debut at the MWC 2018. Moto G5 has been one very successful model and the G6, G6 plus are expected to be equally popular. The X5 is rumored to be sleeker in design while the E5 will be more budget friendly.
  2. Huwaei P20 – The P series from the brand is its flagship offering corresponding to the more powerful S series from Samsung. The phone is claimed to succeed the Huwaei P10 that was launched at the same event last year. We are not sure of the naming convention used by the brand, but ‘P20’ seems like the most obvious contender. The features, too, have been kept under wraps, although a triple camera configuration is being strongly speculated.
  3. LG V30 variant – Tech experts were foreseeing the launch of the G7 at the MWC along the lines of last year’s release by LG. However, it seems like the makers have changed their mind and will now roll out a new version of the V30 instead. ‘Vision AI’, ‘Voice AI’ and’ ThinkQ’ will be the star features of the device. Also, LG might reveal a smartwatch at the conference.
  4. Nokia variants – The release of the Nokia 9 is being highly anticipated at this year’s Mobile World Congress, along with a list of other smartphones. The event might also see the global release of the Nokia 6, which has already been introduced in China. Further, the brand might bring back its quintessential device, the 3310 in a new avatar with high speed internet connectivity. As it is, the Nokia 7+ has been leaked, so there’s a high probability of its revelation as well.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus – Samsung has already confirmed that it will be launching the signature devices right before the MWC, 2018 and also live stream the Galaxy Unpacked event online. The innovations in camera, facial unlocking and screen display will be unveiled. Samsung might also throw light on the Galaxy X which is rumored to encompass foldable technology.

The phones uncovered at the Mobile World Congress 2018 will define the trends in smartphone technology for the entire year. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the conference that will be held from February 26 to March 1.


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Rupandeep Kaur
Rupandeep Kaur
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