“We both swiped right!” The romantic beginning of modern-day Tinderella love stories.

Are you planning to join the online dating clan and looking for a serious relationship? Yes to this question was quite rare a few years back. But, in the fast-paced, digital worlds we live in, getting on to free online dating scenes just makes sense. However, we must give you heads on before you start.

We don’t wish to dishearten you, but going by the online dating site stats much more then the few successful love stories are the random hook-up tales when you meet online. Yet, while the probabilities aren’t that great, possibilities for finding something genuine and serious are still there if you approach things the right way.  

While Tinder remains the go-to for most people, it isn’t the only platform available out there. In this article, we include a list of best Tinder alternatives which can better help you find a serious relationship. But, before we get started with the best online dating sites, here are some safe online dating tips you should know.

Top 5 Free Online Dating Sites for Serious Relationships –



Popularly called the online dating site of the progressive, OkCupid has gained much popularity in the recent years. Notably, it allows users to choose from up to 22 genders and 13 sexual orientation options.

OkCupid also requires you to fill up an extensive personality questionnaire along with some quirky questions that can easily turn to not so awkward ice breakers. Owing to these compatibility checking functions, the popular dating app has already garnered over 4 million users worldwide as well as some great tales and reviews.



Even as we talk about LGBTQ+ rights, online dating isn’t always the friendliest for the communities. That’s where online dating sites like Bumble come in aimed at providing a safe and user-friendly online dating experience to individuals belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. It is not just a platform to meet some quirky people but comes with its own share of quirky features as well.

Moreover, Bumble takes the concept of gender equality and women empowerment to a whole new level through its dating app. Interestingly, only women can begin any conversations with their liked user on the app. If that wasn’t enough, your match will also expire after 24 hours if you don’t message them and initiate the conversation within the 24 hours.




Being lesbian or a queer woman can be particularly frustrating when you are looking for a serious relationship online. What many still fail to understand that there is nothing inherently funny about being at the receiving end when some men create fake profiles pretending to be female.

Thus, the app has been particularly designed for queer women hoping to give them a real and a safe shot at love and online dating. While most users were initially disheartened by the app, post it’s rebranding in the year 2015, “Her” has gone on to gain up to 4.5 million users.



It can be difficult to get back to dating in your 40s and 50s especially if you are widowed or divorced. While there might still be some bumps on your road ahead, it does get somewhat better with Lumen.  The app is strongly recommended by reviewers for more mature people looking for meaningful connections and serious relationships.

Besides verified accounts and detailed profiles, Lumen further raise the bar by adding limits to your initiators. Interestingly, Lumen requires users to send at least a 50 character long message paving ways for a little more interesting beginnings than the awkward silences post the usual pleasantries.

Our Time


Our Time is a unique dating site in its own right. If you already are done with those swipe left-swipe right kind of online dating websites, Our Time might just be what you are looking for. Not so online in its approach, it offers you a great opportunity with other singles in your locality (in real life).

It currently has around 150,000 active users. The online dating site regularly holds events for mature single individuals creating a platform for like-minded people to connect away from their phone screens. Additionally, you can also bring up to 3 friends for moral support to attend these events.

You must have heard people saying, “You can’t find love online.” But, it is no longer the case. We won’t say your next match on that online dating website is going to be the love of your life. But, you never know. So, it is definitely worth a shot.

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