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Top 10 Best Free Apps to Hide Pictures and Videos on Android 2020

Our mobile phone is a collectible of all the memories we have clicked on our trips, outings, family together, etc. It is also a safeguard of our intimate clicks, selfies, and private videos. Some of these captured moments are not-meant-for-public-viewing which we are keen on keeping private. But there is a chance for them to fall prey to somebody’s hands accidentally. Well, we could also pass them over to friends ignorant of their true intentions. Fortunately, there are best free apps to hide pictures and videos on android smartphones from prying eyes.

Best free apps to hide pictures and videos on Android mobile is a great way to counter this violation. When you have peace of mind that your private data or media cannot be mishandled, you will be able to focus on your work and perform them efficiently.

Advantages of Downloading Best Free Apps to Hide Pictures and Videos on Android

Photo and video hiding apps come with additional features like stealth mode, military-grade encryption technology, PIN protection, and decoy app to ensure that your prized possessions do not fall in the wrong hands.

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These apps also protect text messages and applications. Most of them are free but if you upgrade to their premium version, you can avail additional features. Read the description of each app carefully before paying for their subscription. Let’s find out how you can protect your media and keep it hidden.

10 Best Free Apps to Hide Pictures and Videos on Android 2020

1. Keep your photos safe with Vault

This app can be used to hide both photos and videos. The media can be protected from others by using fingerprint, PIN, and pattern. You get to enjoy a categorized and clutter-free folder grid.

best free apps to hide pictures and videos on android smartphones

This app also allows the user to make an encrypted backup of all data on the cloud. You can also create new folders and share them with others as well from within the app.

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Download (Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99)

2. 1Gallery

This gallery app has an ironclad vault which hides videos and photos with strong encryption. Moreover, nobody else can ever access the media files even after getting root privileges. Choose among fingerprint, pattern, and PIN password modes to hide your media files.


1Gallery offers a new approach to user experience along with a new design with impeccably beautiful and modern looks. There is dark mode along with support for various file formats like SVG and RAW, video, photo editor, and search management.

Download: (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

3. LockMyPix Photo Vault

This app is made in the model of military-grade AES encryption standard. You can lock your files behind a pattern or PIN. The photos and videos can be encrypted directly from the app’s home screen. It allows you to click pictures and add them to the vault instantly in a jiffy.

LockMyPix Photo Vault

The app can be unlocked using fingerprint and locked back by shaking the device. You can also hide the app from the app drawer. The best part is that this app does not allow taking a screenshot when unlocked. Additionally, the pro version lets the users set up fake login credentials that give access to a secondary vault using a fake PIN.

Download (Free, upgrade to Pro version for $1.99)

4. Calculator by FishingNet

This is a unique best free app to hide pictures and videos on Android and also comes with a calculator interface. Media can be kept hidden using a numeric PIN. The content is encrypted using the AES algorithm.

Calculator by FishingNet

There is a feature called Intruder Selfie that takes selfies of anybody who tries to access the secret vault. This app lets you set up a fake vault as well. If you are in a hurry, shake the phone to close the app.

Download: (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

5. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

This is one of the best free app to hide pictures and videos on Android. The simple to use app comes with the option to create multiple vaults for different types of media files. This app captures “mugshots” of intruders who try to gain unauthorized access to the vault.

Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

You will get to know who tried to enter your private space when you unlock the app. In the Premier version, you get to remove ads from the app and backup the files to the cloud.

Download (Free, upgrade to Vaulty Premier for $9.99/month)

6. Hide Something

This app has a mini collection of amazing themes, an advanced image viewer, support various types of media files, and fake login mode to protect your privacy.

Hide Something

This app also takes a backup of important data. To hide photos and videos, choose fingerprint, PIN, or password protection. It is very easy to transfer photos and videos to the ‘invisible’ folder.

Download (Free, get the premium license for $2.99)

7. Vault

This app additionally safeguards phone data and apps along with photos and videos. You can create multiple and fake vaults with this app. It also records break-in alerts.


Vault also allows you to hide its icon from the home screen. It gives free cloud backup support. You also get an in-app incognito browser, which allows you to browse the Internet without leaving a trace of your expeditions.

Download (Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99)

8. GalleryVault – Hide Pictures and Videos

You can encrypt your videos, photos and other files quickly with this best free app to hide pictures and videos on Android.  The app allows you to access all the hidden media in a jiffy with its simple yet elegant interface.


The features offered by this app include break-in alerts; shake to lock, fake login, stealth mode, fingerprint authentication, hiding files in SD card, etc. Additionally, you get a video editor, private browsing within the app. It also supports GIF playback.

Download (Free, upgrade to Pro version for $5.99)

9. Hide Files – Andrognito

This app offers strong layers of military-grade AES encryption standards to hide your media files. You can also back up the files in the cloud. The free version offers you a single vault.

Hide Files

However, on the purchase of the PRO version, you get the option to create multiple vaults, access them via the cloud backups on different devices, gain access to more features, invisible icon, custom theming feature, fake vault spoofing, and fake force close. You will also get freedom from the intrusive ads with the PRO version.

Download (Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99)

10. PhotoGuard

This free app to hide pictures and videos on Android is backed by AES-256 bit encryption which ensures highly protected media files and even brute force cannot open it. With PhotoGuard, you get a cloud backup of all your media. It keeps the encryption always active both on-device and on the cloud.


Apart from being able to secure the videos and photos using Pattern, PIN, Fingerprint, or Password, you can add another layer of security inside the vault. Additionally, you get break-in alerts, an integrated photo and video player, and a private camera.

Download: (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

We hope these best free apps to hide pictures and videos on Android will ensure privacy and security. Do try them and give your honest review. If you do know of any other good app to hide video, do drop in the name in the Comments section.  

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