With restaurants closed and the world coming to a halt, the task of cooking delicious meals for the entire family was an overwhelming experience for most of us, but thanks to these food bloggers, we all became master chefs during the pandemic. From authentic Indian dishes to creating dishes that we hardly knew,thesefood bloggers have helped us to embrace cooking with passion and improved our culinary knowledge. Here are the names of best food bloggers of India 2020.

Archana Doshi – Founder of Archana’s Kitchen

An entrepreneur, chef, food blogger and mum, Archana Joshi dons many caps at once. Archna Doshi started her blog to provide DIY solutions for regular cooking problems.

Archana Doshi

She loves world cuisine and travel for her means tasting the food of different region. She loves Indian cusine and her Kitchen is dominated by it, but here you can also get an experience of a healthy vegetarian cuisine. Some of the top favourite recipes are quintessential BissiBele Bath, Veg Biriyani, and Gobi Manchurian.

AnkietGulabani – Belly over Mind


A sporadic baker, food writer, Ankit is one food blogger of India 2020 who makes cooking more approachable. It targets millennials who look for easy to cook food. If you love wholesome recipes, Ankit is your guy. Do try out his Coronation Rice Salad, Chocolate Cake With A Peanut Butter and Horlicks Swiss Meringue Buttercream, and Chaat Masala Coloured Carrots and Dates.

Cook with Parul

Cook with Parul

Cook with Parul is a great Indian YouTube channel for those who love cooking Indian food. Primarily vegetarian, there are simple recipes that can be made without needing fancy tools and kitchen equipment.

Nagalakshmi – Nags (Edible Garden)


Nagalakshmi is a multifaceted food blogger showcasing recipes from different regions of the country. From traditional recipes to modern recipes to easy to make food, it is one-stop destination for people who crave homemade food away from home.

Blog URL – cookingandme.com

Anushruthi- Divine Taste


Anushruti is one od the best food bloggers of India 2020 for those who love fancy recipes. If you love eating exotic dishes but are too scared to step out during the COVID times, then Anushruthi is your saviour.  Her blog also has an exclusive category for pure vegetarians under the name of Saatvik food recipes.

Deeba Rajpal – Passionate About Baking

Deeba Rajpal

An inspiring food blogger in India, Deeba Rajpal is renowned for unique recipes. Her blog mainly revolves around an array of desserts. She has a sweet tooth, and one of her obsessions includes collecting props and food styling. Follow her right away and learn the art of cooking today!

Shilpa – Aayi’s Recipes


If you love traditional Konkani recipes, then Shilpa is the Indian food blogger to look out for. On her blog, you will find specially curated recipes by her mother.

Nandita Iyer

Nandita Iyer

If you love a modern twist to healthy food, then Nandita Iyer is the next food blogger you need to start following. A nutritionist and health freak, Nandita curates healthy recipes for people like us who spend a lot of time in front of the screen and keep munching on unhealthy snacks. Her must try recipes are oats dhokla, chickpea and rocket salad.

Adarsh Munjal – The Big Bhookad

Adarsh Munjal

Last but not the least, Adarsh Munjal is all about food. A food entrepreneur from Mumbai, Adarsh curates delicious recipes that can be cooked by anyone and everyone.   He strongly believes it’s his sincere responsibility to share reliable recommendations to improve everyone’s culinary, travel and branded experiences, especially praiseworthy experiences in the world of food and hospitality.