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Best Face Masks To Buy For Protection Against COVID-19

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As life begins to resume amidst the pandemic, face masks have become a must to stay safe. But hey, it’s also key to stay stylish. Let the lipstick out, let the face mask out. Wearing face masks in public become the new normal. In fact, they have also begun to become a fashion statement. You want to buy the best face masks for COVID-19 to stay safe, yet also want to look good as they go back to work. Moreover, comfort is also an important consideration as we are needed to wear it for longer hours.

Are you also wondering what are the best face masks for COVID-19? With all kinds of cool and scientific face masks making the rounds, it can be confusing to pick the right one. Selecting a good face mask gets especially trickier with spectacles or if your jobs entails working outside in the sun.

Best 5 Face Masks To Buy For COVID-19

Surgical Grade N-95 Masks

best N95 mask for covid-19

Surgical Grade N-95 face masks offer the highest grade of security against the COVID-19 virus. These are the standard face masks recommended for people working in high risk zones including healthcare professionals and frontline workers. However, as the coronavirus cases continue to rise, people with significant amount of human interaction (such as the retail staff) are also going for the surgical grade N-95 face masks for better protection.

Comfortable fits if you wear spectacles

If you wear spectacles, you already know by now –though necessary–how irritating and uncomfortable wearing a face mask can get. Covering your mouth and nose with a piece of cloth quickly leads to our foggy lenses and strain behind the ears after long hours. Moreover, it may lead to your touching and cleaning the spectacles repetitively in the middle of work. This in turn can transfer the virus strains and possible infection. Thus, manufacturers are now also designing particular mask designs with flexible ear loops and nose wires to fit perfectly with your glasses.

Athleta non-medical face mask

best Non Medical Mask for covid-19
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If you want something for exercise time, this face mask protection is great. Athleta offers these soft, breathable masks. Masks can be uncomfortable when you are out for a morning run or exercise in the nearby park. These face masks offer comfort with their interchangeable head strap. They keep you safe without interrupting your morning routines. The triple layered face masks come with cotton lining and spandex for a flexible and comfortable fit.

Netz face mask

netz face mask for best covid-19 face mask

Netz face masks are yet another popular face masks for people outside the healthcare professionals. The mask promises antimicrobial features, UV Protection as well as comfortable breathing. Additionally, in yet another little perk, you can also wash these reusable Polyamide masks in your washing machine without worries (but don’t bleach). 

Cool masks for fashionistas

fashionable mask gucci louis vuitton best face mask for COVID-19

Fashionistas have taken it a notch higher to make their face masks a fashion statement. Designer brands have created a line-up of differentiated face masks. Take the Louis Vuitton protective gear initiative or the upcoming Burberry masks. Burberry will be giving 20% proceeds of sale of their face masks for COVID-19 will go to the Burberry Foundation COVID-19 Community Fund. You can also check out the latest Indian face masks at brands such as Jaipuri Kurti and Khwaab for unique indigenous designs to make a statement.

It is also important to remember, just like any other piece of clothing, there is no one size that fits all. So, it is important to pick the right face mask that best suits you and also ensures your safety rather than just going by the popular trends. We have tried to include great face masks for all categories. If you liked the article, please share it with your friends too and let us know your favourites in the comments below.

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Does it matter what kind of face mask I use?

The answer to this question is a definite “Yes”. Despite the rising death tolls and continued surge in cases, we can still spot people roaming without the masks in regions with lower risk. Many others consider it as a mere formality assuming any sort of face coverings offer the same amount of protection.

However, the fact is different grades of face masks do offer diverse levels of protection. Thus, while a simple cloth mask may suffice when there isn’t much of a risk in the locality. However, people who are at larger risk should definitely consider buying face masks that can assure them larger safety.

How do I choose the right mask for myself?

Allow the following factors to help you find the best mask:

  • If you are meeting too many people, an N95 mask or a medical grade mask is most appropriate
  • A cloth mask should have atleast 2 layers
  • Ensure that the ear loops are not tight
  • Get a mask with breathable and stretchable fabric

Have a mask that you love? Tell us about it in the comments!

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