The birth of “cloud storage” as we know it today is an interesting one. In 2007, CEO of Dropbox Drew Houston would often misplace his USB drives. Tired of this habit, he ended up creating a business cloud service. Soon it became popular and Dropbox remains one of the best cloud storage websites available to us today.

Ever since, online cloud storage solutions have taken over the traditional storage hardware. Cloud storage makes management of files a notch easier as it distributes the data across someone else’s hardware such as cables server and data center. However, given the plethora of cloud storage websites available, we are now spoilt for choice. Safety of documents has become a primary concern because there is always a threat to crucial information being shared on an external hardware. Plus, they have now become heavily paid services.

To clarify all these doubts about shared file servers for you, we have curated a list of best cloud storage websites that keep your data safe and offer great value for money.

Let’s check out the best cloud storage websites in 2020.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive cloud storage website is solely for personal use.Used by Amazon customers, this cloud storage is ideal for your personal files. However, it does not fulfill business or enterprise needs. This cloud storage website offers sync services for Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows. Which means, if you use devices with any of these processors, you can upload your files conveniently. Uploading these files on the cloud is easier with the Amazon Drive because it uses the “block-level file copying technology”.

Features of Amazon Drive Cloud Storage Website:

  • Integrated timeline function
  • Preview photos or videos
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Clean user-interface
  • 24×7 Chat and email support

If users sign up for Amazon Prime they get 5GB of storage on Amazon Drive. Unlimited storage space with Prime Photos is also available for the users. The storage plans begin from $19.99 for 100GB and $59.99 for 1TB.


This is the oldest cloud storage service and is remainsone of the best cloud storage websites. With this cloud storage website, one can work on files even when there is no internet connection. Users have easy access to this storage provider via a desktop computer, Android, iPhone or oven their iPad. The free storage space is only 2GB but this can be used on any platform. Interestingly, even Blackberry phones are supported on this cloud storage website so far.

Features of Dropbox Cloud Storage Website:

  • Easy file viewing without installing extra software
  • Edit Microsoft office files online for free
  • Selective sync option to save space

Users can always purchase plans for $9.99 for 2TB (monthly) and $16.58 for 3TB (monthly). Unlimited storage is also available for $20 per user per month. You can check different plans from Dropbox here.

Google Drive

Initially, Google Drive was meant only for storage purposes. Later, Google clubbed Google Docs too with it. Users can now use their existing Google account or sign up for one. Each Google Drive account gets 15 GB of free storage space. Google Drive is amongst the best cloud storage websites as it allows users to store documents up to 1.02 million characters, spreadsheets up to 5 million cells, presentation up to 100 MB, and Google Sites up to 2000,000 characters per page.

Features of Google Drive Cloud Storage Website:

  • Create docs, excel sheets and slides
  • Real time synchronization
  • The website can also be used for macOS.
  • Compatible with several external apps, including mind map, diagram tools, Gantt chart, etc.

Users who need more storage space can pay $1.99 (monthly) or $19.99 (yearly) for 100 GB. The storage range goes up to 30 TB for a price of $299.99 a month. This diverse data range makes Google Drive another among best cloud storage websites.


This one is the most used cloud storage website. IDrive is the next-generation cloud service designed for users to effortlessly access, manage, and update their cloud storage. It is best suited for users who like to combine cloud storage with cloud backup. A distinct advantage of IDrive is that the cloud storage website is not tied down for use to a single computer. A single account can be used as a backup for multiple Windows and MacOS desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Features of IDrive Cloud Storage Website:

  • The only cloud storage to support Twofish Encryption
  • Easily  store files up to 100 TB
  • Mount IceDrive with a simple click.
  • Clean and easy to use interface to manage your files.

The offers begin from 5GB for free and users can also opt for 2TB storage at $52.12 per year.

Users can also check good cloud storage options at:


OneDrive integrates into Windows and is like any other directory in the file explorer, it is an internet-based storage and synchronization service provider. This cloud storage website is free for Microsoft account holders. It is easily accessible through a desktop app for Mac and other versions of Windows. OneDrive apps are also available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Features of OneDrive Cloud Storage Website:

  • Allows users to use phone to scan business cards, receipts, whiteboard notes
  • Easy storage for paper documents
  • Option for setting expiration date for shared files, photos, and others to avoid hacks and misuse of critical information

OneDrive offers a free storage space of 5GB. People who use Office 365 get extra terabytes per user with their $6.99 plan (monthly).

Choosing a cloud storage website is a personal choice as it depends solely on personal and professional requirements. While these may vary, our list of cloud storage website will not disappoint you.

Do try one of the cloud storage websites and give us your feedback.