The lockdown has changed our perception about everything. With a major setback the economy is facing currently, businesses are the worst affected. In a world where everyone is trying to stay afloat, the current need for business owner is to be more innovative, audience-friendly and emotive. To help marketers, entrepreneurs and designers, we have compiled some of the best marketing books of all time anyone running a business or marketing a brand gain perceptive and theoretical insights worth practicing. 

Best Books for Marketers

Epic Content Marketing

Epic content marketing by Joe Pullizzi is an honest attempt to let readers know about the process of story development and connect it with the customers in such a way that motivates them to buy the product. The author creatively focuses on getting rid of the clutter and suggests different methodologies to win more customers by marketing less. It gives ample suggestions to pitch and position the business in the market too.  Undoubtedly, it is among the best books for marketers and budding entrepreneurs.

Positioning: The Battles For Your Mind

A highly recommended book for marketers, the book is co-authored by Al Ries and Jack Trout and talks about creating a position in the mind of the customer while also reflecting brand’s strength and weakness along with that of the competitor. It’s all about the prospect’s perspective, and to be able to market the product, it is a must to enter the consumers’ minds and understand the product from their side. The authors focus their lessons on helping the reader figure out different ways to create new positions within the consumer’s mind and also throw light on the different techniques that help in avoiding a collision with the competitors.

Best Books for Entrepreneurs Grit

This book is based on multiple studies undertaken by the author Angela Duckworth herself. Numbered among the best books for marketers, the well-written book highlights the fact that success is not only a by-product of talent, but a fruitful culmination of passion and persistence as well.

The grit required to overcome all the challenges and accomplish long term goals has been explained with the help of examples. A small business can never survive without grit and determination and the fact has been beautifully explained in the book.

The Psychology of Sellers

Knowing a good sales technique is perhaps the key to being a successful entrepreneur. An entrepreneur needs to sell not only the product but also the idea behind that product. A great product will only sell when the person knows the approach that has to be taken to market and sell it. The Psychology of Seller by Brain Tracy does this with perfection. The basics of the art of selling have been creatively explained in the book.

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Best Books for Designers

A Designers Art

This book is written by American art designer Paul Rand. Paul is best known for his logo designing work that he has done for big firms like IBM and NeXT. Through this book, in his 27 essays, Paul Rand explains the process behind graphic designs in general. Its importance, impact and why it works or does not work has been explained in this book.

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Layout Essentials

A classic and essential bible for every designer, Layout Essentials focuses on the fresh exploration of the Grid theory. These grids are the basis of any design project. Once the rules have been understood, it is easy to explore the basics of design.

Beth Tondreau talks about 100 principles involved in the use of grids in Layout Essentials. This book is an absolute essential for any designer who aspires to make it big.

Get your hands on these books now, for this is the time to load up your shelf and make the most of these insights. Let us know if you have read any of these. Feel free to write a review and even share your book list to help us learn about the best marketing techniques for 2020.

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