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Best Android Emulators 2020

A Mobile Emulator is a software application that is used to test Android apps without having to install them on the smartphone. In short, emulators let you run a perfect mobile environment on your PC. Any platform can be targeted with an emulator to debug apps. The emulator is often called AVD or Android Virtual Device since it works on a laptop or desktop platform.

Based on the requirement or purpose of the user, an Android Emulator may have different uses. However, primarily there are two uses of Android Emulators:

  • For Gamers- to play games on a big screen without a smartphone running on Android
  • For Developers- To debug Android apps before their release

Advantages of Mobile Emulators

  • Playing games become more exciting on a bigger screen than a smartphone while the feeling of playing on an Android device remains the same.
  • Multiple feature or functions support is available which is slower on other Android devices.
  • No need to stress about low battery warning.
  • Due to sturdier built; PCs can handle high definition videos and games in a better and faster way than smartphones. There is no performance issue with the PC.

Is it Safe to Run a Mobile Emulator on the PC?Can We Use Emulator on PC?

Are you worried about using an Android Emulator on your desktop or laptop? Do you often wonder whether or not is it safe to use a Mobile emulator on your Windows or Mac system? Do you want to know whether or not Android Emulators can be used on a PC? Well, the short answer is yes, you can use an emulator on a PC and it should be safe if it is from a trusted source. Whether you use the emulator offered by Google in the Android SDK or a third-party emulator, your computer is well-protected. Emulation is mainly done on a virtual machine to test the security of an app and for that, the emulator ensures sandboxing things from the primary OS. So, it is safe to use.

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The only concern is downloading APKs or Android app files from sources outside of the Amazon Appstore or Google Play Store. Just as they carry risk while installing on the smartphone, the same applies to install them inside the Android emulator.

Be safe and vigilant while running an Android emulatorand your computer will be totally fine. Like you are careful with the programs or software you use on your computer, the same is applicable while using a mobile emulatorand everything will be okay.

Best Android Emulators 2020

Here is a list of the 5 Best Android Emulators For Windows PC and Mac:

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I. BlueStacks

You do not need any technical knowledge as it can be easily set up. Along with multiple accounts, BluesStacks supports custom keyboard mapping. It is the best all-rounder Mobile Emulator. It offers a simple and clean interface with customizable gaming controls. You can play a lot of different types of games without needing much RAM for processing.

Download: Bluestacks Emulator
Price: Free / Premium Annual Subscription $ 24

Check alternatives of BlueStacks here.

II. Android Studio

This multi-functional emulator comes with a decent graphical user interface and good features. Multiple applications can be simultaneously used and screenshots can also be taken while using the applications. An official mobile emulator by Google, Android Studio is extremely reliable. You can access different mobile applications like high definition gaming experience, testing apps, etc. on the desktop with this emulator.

Download:Android Studio Emulator
Price: Free

III. Nox Player

NoxPlayer offers open keyboard mapping with a single click. The keyboard and the mouse work as the gaming controllers. To record complex operations it comes with a default macro recorder.It is extremely easy to root. It arguably offers superior performance and the best user experience.

Download:Nox Player Emulator
Price: It is an open-source

IV. Genymotion

This is a multi-support Android Emulator. It helps to speed up testing and share live demos. The performance can be monitored across all devices. It offers HD pixel compatibility for better clarity on the PC. You can test the products in a secure virtual environment with this tool. Genymotion has strong sensors, like multi-touch and GPS.

Price: Free / Enterprise options

V. PrimeOS

This Android Emulator is designed to bring the best of both worlds of PC and Android. It supports dual boot with a single click with the PrimeOS installer. It offers a great gaming experience by combing the Android ecosystem with the system interface.

Download: PrimeOS
Price: Free

Listed above are some of the best Mobile Emulators that you can run on your Windows or Mac PC. Whether you are an avid gamer or a professional developer, you would find at least one of these emulators perfect for your need. And if you don’t, let us know in comments below what you use or suggest for our readers.

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