Moto X Vs Google Nexus 4The Moto X uses a dual-core Qualcomm S4 Pro MSM8960DT 1.7GHz CPU mated to an Adreno 320 GPU along with 2GB RAM. It gave the Moto X processing capability a score of 18,753 compared to the Nexus 4’s 17,920 on the Antutu test. The HTC One does come ahead of it, but the HTC one uses a Quad-core processor. 

Overall, the Moto X is an impressive performer. It is meant to be a mid-range phone, but can hold its own even with the big boys. And finally, the Moto X triumphs in the price battle. In the 3D Mark Ice Storm Extreme test, the Moto X’s graphics got a truly impressive score of 7,153, better than any phone tested! This might be because phones like the HTC One, Optimus G Pro use 1080p and had to be scaled down to 720p. The Nexus was cleanly trumped though as it uses 720p screen natively.

The price of Moto X is expected to be in line with the price of the Nexus 4, which is available at $299 for the 16GB model.