Battlefield 4 Delayed on Xbox One And PCBattlefield 4 enthusiasts who are Premium members already stand the chance to access latest content for Naval Strike DLC. However, there has been a dip in mood for players on the PC and XBox 1. This delay has been caused by DICE, who want to be absolutely sure about the quality of the latest content. 

The official line is that the Battlefield update for computers and XBox 1 could be in the two next month.

From the developer’s end, this delay has come because of reasons allied to PC-linked updates planned. The delay of arrival on Xbox One, that was announced after the PC version is very necessary for solving issues plaguing  the animation framework.

The planned release in early April is set to ensure the fact that this version could have a fortnight’s time until access for Naval Strike DLC. We just hope that this does not turn into a never ending wait.