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Battle of the Games: Asus Rog 2 vs. Black Shark 2 vs. Red Magic 3

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The Asus Rog 2 vs. Black Shark 2 battle shows that gaming is bigger and better on mobile phones than ever before. Phones such as Xiaomi’s Black Shark 2, Asus Rog Phone 2 and Red Magic 3 have mobile gamers grinning from ear to ear. Hence, mobile phone companies need to be more creative and cutting-edge. The higher the competition among phone makers, there is more for us to choose from. To fulfill the sophisticated needs of gamers, companies have launched several gaming mobile phones. These aim to offer a professional gaming experience at a great price.

With the launch of Asus’s all-new ROG 2 phone, question is whether the gaming smartphone be able to create a niche for itself. Why is it increasingly becoming a popular choice compared to Xiamoi Black Shark 2 and Razor Phone 2? Most of these phones have in-built features, lots of RAM, and the ever-so big battery size.

Asus Rog 2 vs. Black Shark 2 vs. Red Magic 3

ROG Phone 2 Black Shark 2 Red Magic 3
Chipset Snapdragon 855+ Snapdragon 855 Snapdragon 855
Display 6.59-inch FHD+ AMOLED 6.39-inch FHD+ AMOLED 6.65-inch FHD+ AMOLED
Refresh Rate 120Hz 60Hz 90Hz
RAM 8GB/12GB 6GB/8GB/12GB 6GB/8GB/12GB
Storage 128GB/512GB 128GB/256GB 64GB/128GB/256GB
Storage Type UFS 3.0 UFS 2.1 UFS 2.1
Battery 6000 mAh 4000 mAh 5000 mAh
Charging 30W (Quick Charge 4.0) 27W Fast Charging 18W (Quick Charge 4.0)

Clearly, when it comes to Asus Rog 2 vs. Black Shark 2, the former has a trailblazing chipset. It boasts of having unparalleled batteries. With an incredible refresh rate of 120Hz, the Asus Rog 2 vs. Black Shark is designed with 6.59-inch touchscreen display, 8GB RAM, and encompasses a resolution of 1080×2340 pixels. The upcoming mobile phone has an aspect ratio of 19.5:9 and is powered by a 2.6GHz octa-core processor. All this makes the Asus Rog Phone 2 a darling of sorts with mobile gamers.

Asus Rog II Phone vs Black Shark 2


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset is accompanied by 8GB of RAM and UFS 3.0 storage in the Asus Rog Phone 2, which is an upgrade over the Black Shark 2. The phone also comes with an external cooler that can be attached to the phone to make sure there is zero throttling.


The Asus Rog Phone 2 refresh rate is 120Hz, much higher than that of Nubia Red Magic 3, which is only 90Hz. The newest smartphone on the block offers a 1ms response time and comes along with a spot-on colour accuracy feature.


In the middle of a gaming battle and the battery conks off! A nightmare for gamers. For every mobile enthusiast, battery life has a great impact on the choice they make. The Asus phone has a battery of 6000 mAh and a quick charging of 30W (Quick Charge 4.0).  Asus Rog II phone rival Black Shark 2, has a battery holding 4000 mAh with 27W fast charging.

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Even though camera clarity is not a concern for gamers, Asus Rog 2 phone has a rear camera with 48 MP, f/1.8 + 13 MP, f/2.4 (Ultrawide) and front camera of 24MP, f/2.2.


The Asus Rog Phone 2 offers a stock Android experience out of the box, thus letting users switch between the over-the-top ROG UI and stock Android.

Have you used these phones? Know how they work? Tell us in the comments below.

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