With just two days to go for the launch of Batman: Arkham Origins, Warner Bros. The production company, Interactive Entertainment has launched the Batman: Arkham Origins: Personal Mission release trailer.

Trailer Shows:

The release trailer displays the instinctive dual of the game along with the gigantic Gotham City. The game is all about players to play under the hood of a young Batman to fight the Black Mask as well as the eight noxious slayers.

Game and its availability

Designed by WB games Montreal, the game is released on the concept of DC Comics and displays a massive Gotham City, introducing the primary prequel story set several years before the advent of Batman: Arkham Asylum as well as Batman: Arkham City. The events take place before the upsurge of the most deadly criminals of Gotham City. It displays a young and new Batman as he comes across the glorious moments of his earl career and fights as a criminality warrior to pave his way and rise to the position of the “Dark Knight”. As the story moves ahead, player will see man crucial characters for the very first time and furnace important relations.

The Arkham Origins will come on the PlayStation 3, Windows PC, WII U System, MS video game and entertainment system and Xbox 360

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