Backing data up has been a common need for all iPhone or iPad users. Here’s how to do the same so that you do not lose out on vitals when the iWares crash or conk off. To begin with, Google Drive is your best place thanks to 15 GB free storage that comes laced with your account on Google. Start by downloading the Google Drive app for Mac or Windows.  

Use Google DriveApple Set to Unleash Powerful iPhone7

Follow this up by running Google Drive. There is no use plugging in your iPhone or iPad since there automatically occurs a back up on iTunes. You will be asked to sign-in. Once over, click Done. Google Drive will now be present on your Mac or PC. Once this is done, the Google Drive folder will open automatically via the native file explorer.

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Another option is finding the latest backup of all your data by right clicking it, pressing copy, selecting the Google Drive folder and finally pressing paste. For specifics on Windows or Mac, open iTunes and follow this sequence- iTunes Preferences > Devices. Control-click the backup and click on Show in Folder or Finder. It will be directed to the location of the latest backup.

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