Available for Pre-Order, Is HTC Vive Tracker the Answer to VR Prayers?

With the new advancements in gaming and technology every year, we seem to be coming closer to a real-life virtual reality experience. HTC’s Vive Tracker is one step in that direction that seems to have everything going right for it. Available for pre-order now, the HTC Vive tracker is different from the earlier VR games because it doesn’t include the use of a standard hand gear or head gear. Instead, it emulates the look and feel of an actual gun or tool that makes up the crux of the game. Gamers would use real-world tools such as sports equipment and weapons to handle the complexities and situations of the real world.
Would this be able to give us the feel much more tactile than we have experienced so far? A simple answer would be that yes, it is a step in the right direction. HTC is shipping the first models with a bundle that comprises a gun and one that resembles a sports gun. Here are some kits already available with the HTC Vive:

Hyper Blaster

This handgun replica emulates the look and feel of the NES Zapper. Available only through Amazon, this accessory can be used with games like the Arizona Sunshine, Operation Warcade and TacticalAR.

Racket Sports Set

 This one includes a pair of handles that is meant to replicate the feel of a ping pong paddle or maybe a tennis racket. Currently, it is meant to accompany the Virtual Sports, but is likely to work with 10 more games in the near future.


 Available from Rebuff Reality, this one is used to attach trackers to the feet. Useful with some existing applications like Climbey, Holodance and High Fidelity.
These are innovations that were not anticipated till a few years back. So yes, the HTC Vive is taking virtual reality to a reasonable direction. For instance, TechStrap has an innovation awaiting patent where the shoe would have breathable elastic neoprene. With the auto aim features that are available from Hyper Blaster, this one is another addition to the list of innovations. VR developments on these accessories to the HTC Vive are likely to change the gaming landscape.