SAMSUNG S3 for Rs. 38000 …My Latest Crush…

I hate losing an argument, specially to my husband. Though he is a sensible man who is capable of exercising budgetary restraint (and vehemently preaches the same specially when I go jewellery shopping with his credit card), however when it comes to gadgets there are times when he is downright irrational!! Our most recent pother was during evening tea when he started hinting about buying yet another smartphone.  After a half an hour’s parley he convinced me that our smart phones were not smart enough. A smartphone should be much more than just a 5 megapixel camera coupled to the plethora of applications which we seldom use, it should be coherent to our lifestyles and an extension of our personality.  And if you are wondering what phones we use, it wouldn’t be fair to divulge any details, especially the name because all said and done, they’ve served us well and we did love them at some point of time!

But they say that change is inevitable, we decided to hunt for a phone that would make our frenzied lives easier, a phone which was faster, smarter, capable of replacing our laptops and most importantly ergonomic.

After much looking around we stumbled upon a phone which seemed custom made for our requirements and my husband instantly named it – the King of Kings, the phone was Samsung Galaxy S3. There are no two ways about it that the latest offering from Samsung absolutely blew my mind too. So, without further ado let’s take a look at one of the best offering from Samsung’s arsenal this season:

Samsung Galaxy S3 is unbelievably smooth thanks to its 1.4GHz Exyno 4, quad-core which lets you slide through its interface seamlessly. The mighty quad core processor makes multi tasking a breeze so much so that you can play a video while messaging or editing a document simultaneously. The trump card of S3 is its 8 megapixel camera cum video recorder, so the  next time you come back from that exotic vacation, not only do you have HD photos but also the full length 1080p HD videos to re- live the experience.

Samsung understands that smart phone users are looking for a comfort level that goes beyond the features and applications which is exactly why the S3 comes with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED screen (1,280×720 pixels) imparting sheer brilliance to the display and touch and feel of the phone an absolute delight.

The S3 will be launched in two colors -marble white and pebble blue. For me, both the colors work really well as they are neutral yet luxurious. The white version is shiny plastic with  silver enunciations adding  a premium touch to it on the other hand the “pebble blue” color is a clear winner owing to its gray overtones and brushed finish.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 also has a 1.9 megapixel front- facing camera which by the way is the best in its class till date and enhances the video chatting experience like never before.

Like any other Andriod, the S3 comes stuffed with applications but the app which absolutely floored me was the S Voice, Samsung’s answer to Siri. It works as promised, doing things like fetching the maps, weather forecasts, making calls, controls volume and so on…

So basically the Samsung Galaxy S3 is smart phones which actually got SMARTER and I for one am sold . But it still doesn’t change the fact that I hate losing arguments to my husband.


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iPhone5 vs Nokia Lumia 920: I Am In A Fix

“It’s here…the iPhone5..yay!!”, I announced while working (and surfing) at 2am in the night when the news regarding the Apple’s most anticipated launch had started pouring in. And to my utter shock, as soon as the magic words ‘the iPhone5’ landed in my husband’s ears, who was fast asleep till such time (he just loves his sleep!!), he literally sprung up from his slumber and just snatched the laptop away from me (on which I was patiently appreciating the latest beauty which Apple had recently bequeathed to the world). So much for chivalry! He was drooling at the latest offering from the Apple’s cart. “What do you think?”  I asked.

“It’s stunning.” He replied and for the next half hour or so I was subjected to my husband’s unrelenting praise for the new iPhone and at the same time wondering where all of a sudden his sleep went. So strange that a man who would never sacrifice his sleep for my romantic  yearnings, was wide awake in the middle of the night, all pumped up for a mere phone, his fascination for  technology  and most importantly for Apple has always intrigued me. Personally, I was skeptical about the admiration my husband was showering on iPhone5. I had my reservations (which I would amplify eventually). I was actually wondering, whether I am the only person who thinks iPhone5 is a mere upgrade.  Though it is a looker but I feel Apple could have delivered better, at least in terms of technology. I was hoping or rather expecting it to bring a kind of revolution in the Smart Phone world.

And let me assure that the reason for my skepticism is valid. Fortunately, just after its announcement, I had got my hands on Nokia Lumia 920 for a review (courtesy my profession-tech journalist) and I can safely say that  iPhone5 has a worthy competitor. Let me elaborate.


The Windows 8 wonder, Nokia Lumia 920 looks bright and fresh. It comes in solid colors (my favorite is yellow) and has solid one-piece polycarbonate body with rounded edges. Some of you might say that its looks are borrowed from Lumia 800 but it is still more striking and fun than the stylish aluminum and glass body of the iPhone5.

Screen size

I am an admirer of big screens and Nokia Lumia 920’s 4.5 inch screen with a resolution of 1280×768 (roughly speaking, that’s a 16:10 aspect ratio) is worthy of an applaud. Lumia has 332ppi pixel density and sports an IPS AMOLED screen with an anti-glare filter which lends Lumia exceptional clarity. On the other hand iPhone5 ‘s 4 inch screen with a 1136 x 640 resolution( 16:9 aspect ratio) and a pixel density of 326ppi (still less clear than Nokia Lumia)  is a disappointment for me.


Here I would say iPhone 5 wins. If I am at the liberty to exaggerate then I would say that the iPhone5, weighing just 112 g is as light as a feather whereas Nokia Lumia 920 weighing 180gm is a bulky phone.

Know more about Apple’s Llghtning cable here:


The Lumia 920 runs on Windows Phone 8 and has a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip, backed by 1GB of RAM where as iPhone5 runs on A6 chip (still very little is known about it as Apple has kept the specification under wraps, though I guess that it would be a dual  core chip). What more is left to see is how fast the apps would load or the games would run on iPhone5 as compared to Nokia Lumia 920 ( I think for which I have to wait till September 21)


Nokia Lumia 920 runs on  Windows Phone 8 but as the OS has still not been released I cannot say much about it but yes it has been speculated that Windows 8 would allow third party developers. As far as iPhone5 goes it runs on iOS6 which is a breeze to use. iOS6 has a neat Twitter and Facebook integration and the new Map app is superb.


I like having loads of stuff on my phone from movies to books to sitcoms and Lumia  (16 or 32 GB) with its plus 7GB free with a Microsoft SkyDrive account satiates my need completely where as iPhone5 comes in  16, 32 and 64GB variants without the possibility of adding more memory to it.


A good camera is what enhances the smart phone experience and Nokia Lumia does full justice to it. The Lumia 920 with its 8.7Mp sensor and optical, rather than electronic, stabilization easily challenges the iPhone 5’s 8Mp camera which undoubtedly has an impressive back-illuminated sensor and precision-engineered lens, plus the stabilization and new panorama features. Nokia has also gone an extra mile to add features to the 920’s camera app – including augmented reality with its so-called City Lens.


It is here where Lumia 920 loses, it merely supports 2.4GHz where as the iPhone 5 have dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi (it works on 2.4 and 5GHz).

All in all  if tomorrow my husband is generous enough to ask me which phone would I want as my anniversary gift I would really be in a fix, though the iphone5 is the apple of our eyes but with the Lumia 920 ( I have high hopes from Windows 8) Nokia sure has made a comeback!

 Also see this to find out about the durability of iPhone5


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Why Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire Has Become The Apple of My Eye.

The rains have set in. What could be better than a hot cuppa, some zesty pakoras and the intriguing company of Chekov (courtesy my digital companion- The 7-inch tablet). But unfortunately for me the yearning for this mysterious yet immersive world of digital literature  has come at a time when I already have too much on my plate. All sorts of occasions have suddenly popped up, be it my parents’ anniversary, our house warming party or the so- called brain storming session to crack the new campaign for a major client, I am required on a mandatory basis everywhere. Uff!  How I wish the world comes to halt so that I can make time for my 7-inch buddy!


And if you are one of those who are enchanted by neat technology, just like me, then you guessed it right, my 7-inch tablet comes from  Amazon’s hive. The Kindle Fire has got me hooked. It arrived last year and took the mini tablet market by storm since. The $199 tablet, which was sold out in the US,  is the second most popular tablet after Apple’s iPad. All of us know that Kindle revolutionized the mini- tablet world by being the first of its kind, and off course Google Nexus followed the suit. Kindle Fire is a tasteful 7-inch tablet and its IPS (in-Plane switching technology) makes it a book worm’s paradise . What works for me in the Kindle Fire is its 8 hour long battery life and the vibrant colorful screen.

Reading books and watching movies becomes more fun with the effervescent colors of Kindle Fire screen. (The colors look even better in the backdrop of rains and bird tweets)

The best feature of Kindle Fire is its weight. It weighs as light as 14.6 ounces, which makes it easy to carry all around the world. I am not only traveling for my personal affairs but the unavoidable  frequent business trips has made me addicted to the Kindle’s business apps (I can say that my business documents have never been more secure). Kindle comes loaded with document editing tools, which at times have helped me complete my presentations in the very nick of time.

Well, I am intrigued by short stories of Chekov for now (he must have never thought that there will be time when his massive collection of short stories would be compressed in a cool digital wonder like Kindle Fire).

Kindle Fire has undoubtedly revamped the way we read books today.

I am enjoying my Kindle time, what are you doing this rainy season?… Read the rest

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How A Classic App- iPeriod Keep Your Period and Pregnancy Worries At Bay!

Recently I got a panic call from a friend. She had missed her periods.  I listened to her paranoid voice for a while and had a sudden urge of asking her the most common question. “When did you last sleep with him? But I stopped. I didn’t want to intervene her intimate space. I fought the feeling of asking her about the contraceptive solution she is using, mostly because I didn’t want to worry her with a set of alarming questions. So, I pulled out my arsenal of apps and scurried through them in my will to find the app called iPeriod- which for years has kept a tab of my menstrual cycle and has helped me kept me aware of my ovulating days.

I asked her about the date of her last periods and quickly added the first and last date of periods. The  app gave me an interesting and colorful calendar view in which I added a few more details about the flow levels (Light, Medium, Heavy) and about the nasty cramps (none, mild, severe).

The calendar showed me her period days in peachy pink shades and her fertile days in lime green shade suggestive of ovulation. I took a deep breath and finally shot the question at her. “Did you sleep with him in these days (her fertile days)?”

She took her time to recollect the date and to my relief the date was well ahead of her ovulating period. I put her at ease and told her to give her periods some time, assuring her that they will come.  I disconnected the call and a smile bore on my face looking at the comprehensive and detailed period calculator of iPeriod.

iPeriod did not only unburdened my friend of all the mental baggage , but for years now, it has kept my hubby and me at peace. I have set the app in my email alerts so that it constantly reminds me of my expected period date; is it on time or getting delayed. I have also set the length of my luteal phase with the help of user friendly calendar icons and have added a number of cycles to calculate the average.

For some the iPeriod calendar view may not work but I actually keep my sunny side up when looking at  the things in life. For me the gay and vivid calendar works hands down as it provides a lot of information at a glance.

iPeriod is a great way of knowing what is going on in your body and as a women it is a must have in your bag and in your phone.… Read the rest

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Review: Mountain Lion is Here and Its Roar is Indomitable



Mountain Lion is here. Priced at $19.99, the latest OS upgrade to come out from Apple’s cart is certainly easy on your pocket. Now, the question is at such a reasonable price is this Mountain Lion worth taming by Mac Book users or should they sit this one out. Let’s find out:

It is far better than Lion

Apple has turned the corner with Mountain Lion. It is faster, smoother and a sheer delight to use; it is everything which Lion—released by Apple last year—was not. This new OSX is first of a kind which meets your everyday computing needs akin to an iPad or iPhone. Mountain Lion comes with a ‘Share’ button which lets you share links, photos, videos and other data. So, the next time you come across a link which is worth a share—instead of relying on clunky bookmarks, you can post it to Facebook straight from your Mountain Lion browser.

The integrating entrant to Apple devices

Though Lion has come about with a few iCloud features, Mountain Loin has gone all out. As soon as you upgrade to this OS, you’ll have your notification centre slide outs to present you with calendar reminders, news alerts and updates. The iMessage service, borrowed from iPhone, iPad and iPod lets you exchange conversations and photos in a jiffy. Facebook will be incorporated in the browser this fall which will break the tedium involved in cutting and pasting links. Mountain lion will take care of your all your Facebook needs—it will sync Facebook contacts with your Mac address book, add your current location and let you choose who sees your post.

Zero downside in upgrading

Lion was a big shift from Snow Leopard but Mountain Lion works on the philosophy of Lion. Apple has made sure that Lion features are incorporated in the new OS so that your apps do not lose their compatibility. Spaces are still spayed by Mission Control, as is Exposé which leaves no space for hitch in the Mountain Lion upgrade.

It won’t infest Mac with bugs

Every upgrade comes with a few bugs at least within first couple of days of its launch. However, Mountain Lion is one hell of an OS. It’s an exciting offering from Apple as compared to Snow Leopard and Lion which gave you diminished battery life or Wifi connectivity issues. Still, it’s better to fully backup your Mac before you jump for a Mountain Lion upgrade.

You have a old Mac but smitten by Mountain Lion

Before you go gaga about the features of Mountain Lion and hit the upgrade button, check your requirement. If your Mac is running on the recent OS versions, Lion and Snow Leopard then voila! You can be a proud owner of Mountain Lion and those of you who picked up there droolworthy Mac on or after June 11 can upgrade for free.

It will not eat into your RAM space

If you are one of those who get irked by the OS that steals most of your RAM space, then it’s time to celebrate with Mountain Lion as it is does not demand much memory.

Windows 8 still has a long way to go

Though Metro Apps is an appealing feature of Windows 8 but this Microsoft OS still needs to catch up with the raging Mountain Lion. The iCloud feature of Mountain Lion is stupefying. A bagful of applications come together with Mountain Lion, which makes sharing data and services a cake walk. iCloud has a user base of 125 million and now, coupled with Mountain Lion, it has become more compelling. You download music or movies or pictures or any form data from the Mountain Lion and it will automatically figure on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you have a tab open in the Safari browser on your iPad, you can open Safari in Mountain Lion and the same tab will be available right where you left off. At $19.99, with features to die for, this Mountain Lion is ready to devour its competition.… Read the rest

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HTC One X for Rs. 33990 to Give Tough Competition to Samsung Galaxy S3

It has been raining cats and dogs since morning. From my balcony I can see the green blades of pine trees enveloped in the tiny water droplets and clouds hung beautifully in the bosom of the cavernous valley. The sky has turned sapphire blue and an exotic group of birds is flocking in my little garden. It undoubtedly is beautiful and enigmatic sight which is worth capturing. Now it is not always that you carry your cameras around to click such picturesque views. It is at these times a phone with  a great camera comes handy and when I say’ phone with a great camera’ the name that immediately comes to my mind is ‘HTC One X’, the latest to come out of the HTC’s hive.  So, let’s take a look at this stunner of a phone whose 8 mega pixel camera is the talk of the town.
















HTC one X runs on a strong quad core processor coupled with HTC smart sense that makes sliding through the user interface a breeze. You will be amazed at the speed at which you will be able to multitask on the One X. It is unimaginable.

Engineered to run on latest operating system Ice Cream Sandwich HTC one X is one of its kind amidst the other HTC offerings.  It is not only the Operating System which makes it unique but itssmooth lines and unibody design makes it a class apart. It goes without saying that HTC one X is one of the best looking phones in the market today.

The 8 megapixel camera of One X lets you capture every moment as a crisp, vivid, beautiful photo that you will cherish forever. The camera not only takes spectacular photos in the day light but one  of the unique features of HTC one X camera is that it lets you capture magnificent photos  and videos even in low light conditions. (Now you know why HTC one X’s image conjured up in my mind  while  looking at the scenery from my balcony)

Those of you who love listening to music on their phone, HTC one X with Beats Audio™ lets you experience the incredible authentic, deep sound with true, fine details.

Though HTC one X is one hell of phone its super IPS LCD 2 technology lacks the vivid color reproduction of Samsung’s Super AMOLED range. Having said that, it still has a pixel density (screen sharpness) that rivals the iPhone 4S and does it on a screen that’s over an inch larger.

So here it is, the HTC One X for you.

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Iphone 4s – A Woman’s Perspective

From the early motivation needed to scurry out from under the covers to the late night tosses and turns that a woman does to keep the family going, she needs to carry the world in her pocket- the world at her disposal at the tap of her finger.

Here comes iphone-4s to bail you out- a combination of perfect style and features tailored to cater to today’s women.

Launched in October 2011 for Rs 40,000, iphone – 4s seems to have turned into the apple of every woman’s eyes .

It features a glut of top-end tech that helps you glide through the day. The fifth generation iphone 4s with a 3.5 inches LED- black lit IPS TFT, capacitative touch screen and corning gorilla glass inherits its look and feel from its predecessor and is irresistibly charming. Its sporting sleek curves and oozing minimalism gels well with the style statement of a 21st century woman and adds grace to her persona.

However, the internal functioning of the device has been completely renewed thereby making it an engineering wonder.

From a dedicated housewife to a modern day businesswoman, iphone 4s is a delight to t use for one and all. It acts as a personal assistant to a housewife- the alarm clock app unlike untrustworthy alarms, analyzes your sleep patterns and gently wakes you up while you are in the lightest phase. Thus, you can sleep in peace and merry-go-round in your dreams without having to worry. The fitness app acts as your yoga guru and motivates you to lose weight and keep healthy. You can surf recepies on the appstore and cook delights. Apart from these, you can also attend to your kid’s educative needs and streamline his talents via interactive tutorial sessions on the appstore. An entire gamut of such apps proactively takes care of all such quotidian needs.

Cherry on the cake-you avail all these services well within your budget.

From the businesswoman’s perspective – it is a smart choice for  a smart women. You can keep track of stock markets, trade online, establish a social connect via social networking sites, push mails, place orders , schedule meetings, set reminders , etc all on a single tap figuratively making iphone “the world  is in your pocket.”

Other addendums to iphone 4s  include an updated isight – 8 mp camera ( with an improved aperture ratio) and all – new optics, dual core A5 chip that helps you browse through the entire gamut of apps with a lightning fast speed and ios5- the world’s most advanced operating system with its elegant and intuitive interface  and exotic collection of applications.

However, the enigma behind the curtain is unveiled by its breath-ceasing proactive feature – ‘Siri ‘ that lets you voice your commands- send messages, schedule meets, place calls, convey talks, search  locations and even figure out the suitability of apps to be used. Seems like you can drive and take care of business.!!!!

The phone has a fascinating icloud feature that helps you automatically and effortlessly store your music, photos and documents and push them to your devices on the go.

Thus, with its perfect mix of niftiness and comeliness, iphone 4s serves as the genie to a woman dancing upon her whims and fancies.

It tweets upon her tap. It does it all….!!!… Read the rest

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What’s… Apppppp :-P !!

A letter from my pen pal in the mailbox, the year was 1989. Got my first e-mail in 1995.

SMS Baby, get with it, its 2003 for Christ’s sake!! My sister used to say, and I did (…to the limits of obsession I’ll say!)

With my insatiable need to stay connected, messaging had always been an integral part of my life, I guess. Then in the year 2010, I was introduced to a wondrous app called Whatsapp, a free messenger service that augmented my messaging obsession further and trust me, it was good… so good that for the first time in my life it was an app which prompted me to buy a smartphone, instead of it being the other way round!

Short Messaging Service (SMS) has seamlessly blended into the picture of becoming a necessity for me, participating with me in all kinds of situations; a medium through which I could voice my opinion, a vent for my fluctuating mood spells. Come to think of it, the last few years which I have spent in communicating with people (be it colleagues or my family) the SMS way (..or to be fair in the Whatsapp manner) and steering everything else simultaneously (due to its sheer expediency), have been the most prolific. Though, I do admit that there is a sense of regret, I don’t have a yen for that perfect blue ink pen and the smooth textured letter pads any more, you see.

WhatsApp has indeed revolutionized the way we communicate. No wonder, it still continues to be one of the hottest selling apps till date. Reason, it’s cheap (if you are an I phone user, free if you’re on android!), it’s fast and it gives you a plethora of options to socialize such as, group chatting, on the spot sharing (whether it be your favorite picture, a video of your recent travel expedition, a romantic audio note to your beloved or your current GPS location, you can share it all in a jiffy..!). It even has the option to delete or retrieve earlier messages (chat history).

Akin to the most popular socializing platform Facebook, this little messaging wonder even allows you to change your status from time to time so that the world can know what you are up to. The best part is that Whatsapp has the capability to integrate with any smart phone seamlessly which, simply put, means hassle free logging in. As soon as you download the app, it automatically syncs with the contacts in your phone and you can start chatting instantly. And just in case you are wondering, that with so many features this messaging monster would surely be eating away into your phone’s battery life, then you are mistaken. Whatspp goes to sleep when not in use and then springs to life only by an incoming message. What I’ve always enjoyed about this app is the way a message jumps up automatically on my phone’s home screen and I don’t really have to go rummaging through my inbox. So, with whatsapp the whole messaging experience becomes a sheer delight.

But personally, I feel that it isn’t just the compatibility, the neat features or even the user interface which make Whatsapp click, it is …the concept. The concept of having a platform wherein you can remain connected, constantly. Where you can always be in the company of friends, where you can share your joy, where you can be unique yet be part of a group and still have the option to be discreet, all at the same time. Whatsapp is all that and more… it is social networking at its best.


























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Samsung to Add a Windows RT Tablet to its Already Popular Tablet Brigade…

There seems to be a great camaraderie  among  Samsung  and Microsoft. According to rumors pouring in, the new Samsung tablet will run on Windows RT and will be hitting the shelves in the month of October. Windows RT is an edition of Windows 8 that runs on ARM-based processor.

As per a Bloomberg report, “Samsung has made a handheld computer built on Windows RT, the first version of Windows that works on ARM Holdings Plc (ARM) technology. Windows RT devices will be released in October.”

The buzz is that the Samsung Windows RT Tablet will break away from its very own Exyons Family for the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. Not only Samsung but Microsoft will also be using Qualcomm processors in their recently announced Surface Tablets. Windows, which is clearly side-stepping the tablet market, will be launching two versions of Surface—Windows RT and Windows 8.

As far as Samsung is concerned it has already tasted the waters of the tablet market by bringing out both Android OS and Windows 7 tablets. According to the Telegraph, Apple is leading the market with a share of 58%. Samsung is far behind with 11% and this includes both the Windows 7 as well at their range of Android tablets

Apart from Samsung, the other player who are up to launch the Windows RT tablets are Asus, Acer and Toshiba.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1: A Champion Tablet

I hate Monday mornings, not particularly fond of Tuesday’s either. If you come to think of it I am not a weekday person at all! Here’s the thing. Each of my bleary eyed (weekday) mornings is a choice between breakfast and the previous day’s pending presentation on my laptop (yeah yeah..I’m a cribber, sue me!!)  It was just the other day when I was travelling in the Delhi metro to work (it takes 2 hours from the house to reach my office which without a doubt makes my morning blues worse) that yet another pressing deadline conveniently landed itself into my lap. I had no choice but to fit my derriere in minimum possible space available in the already overcrowded metro and to start typing on my 2.3 kg laptop was just the icing on the cake. And what could be more annoying than the fact that your laptop’s battery goes off just at the time when you are about to finish your presentation… exactly I felt like pulling out my hair at that point of time…

They say that necessity is the mother of invention; it was at that moment when I realized that I needed something better than a laptop, something that was light, small and powerful enough to meet my (a working woman’s) computing needs. Something, that I could work on while on the move and most importantly have a good battery life. Enter ‘The Tablet’.

So, here I am reviewing Samsung’s latest offering ‘The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1’ which is easily synonymous with convenience and utility. Though this $499 tablet is not the ultimate dent in the universe, but it‘s my love for the android operating system that made me hanker after new tablet from the cache of Samsung. Let‘s have a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 which is making quite a stir in the tablet market.

It goes without saying that I always fancied a tablet which I could grab with one hand. The 8.6mm thickness of Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 gives me a new level of comfort where in I can just scoop up the tablet with one hand whenever I am on move.

The Samsung tab is the world’s thinnest tablet till date with Android 3.1 Honeycomb Operating System which off course has made the user interface more intuitive and user friendly.  The 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor simplifies multi tasking and makes it an effortless job.

A really neat application of Samsung Galaxy tab is Polaris office (Document Editor) which I find really handy when it comes to managing tight deadlines (especially while travelling).

The core essence of Samsung Tab 2 10.1 is it multi touch interface TouchWiz UX or TouchWiz 4.0  which includes a live panel and lets you to customize with different content, such as your pictures, bookmarks, and social feeds. Clearly this feature of Samsung makes it stand out from the Tablet crowd.

The Samsung tablet sports a 10.1 inches capacitive touch screen which is a visual delight and its 3 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front cameras impart sheer brilliance to pictures.






  • HSPA+ connectivity up to 21Mbps,
  • A 720p HD video recording capability
  • 1080p HD playback, DLNA support
  • Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • SIM slot, including the Samsung Stick – a Bluetooth microphone that can be carried in a pocket like a pen and sound dock with powered subwoofer.






So, that’s about it. And just so you know I have just finished writing this article on the ‘Document Editor’ on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and I hope that’s proof enough.… Read the rest

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