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Pokémon X and Y: 7 Tips and Secrets To Win The Pokemon Game

Loaded with childhood memories, The Pokémon series has been around for quite some time now. With 1996 marking the release of its first edition,...

Pokemon X and Y Bug Goes Viral on Internet: Beware of Game Breaking

Pokemon – fuel of the kidsPokemon has been a legendary cartoon series which captured the hearts of millions. It :Experts elaborate that the prime...

Amidst The hub-dub of GTA 5 Cheats, Xecrets & Hints: The Female Character Sexualizing

Amidst the hub-dub of GTA 5 cheats, secrets & hints, a major question is being asked by various players – why is GTA 5...

GTA 5 Cheat And Secret Sheet: Skyfall Cheat, Infinite Money, Easy Early Money

GTA 5 Cheats & Secrets:When using the Skyfall cheat, if you do a direct vertical faceplant, you will land safely. This is especially useful...

Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad Mini2: Android or iOS 7 with Retina Display?

In the tech-savy mayhem of today, it’s always better to compare (it’s in our nature), so here goes: Dimensions of the Nexus 7 (weighing 340g),...

Apple Mac Book Air vs Lenovo Think Pad Yoga 2 vs Mac Book Pro: Which Ultrabook Has Lost Its Mojo

If anyone asked this question a year or so ago, I would have been adamant that the Apple MacBook Air is the last word...

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To The House Down, Not Intimidated by Rivals Including Moto X

A strong candidate within the Android market, the large-screen Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to hit the market on September 4th. Among its...

Microsoft to Revamp Its Sale Strategies: To Slash The Prices of Microsoft Surface RT to $150

Major reorganizing moves are going on in the lobby of Microsoft Company. And with all the good vibes in the air, it is evident...

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