One Plus Two To Host A Better Processing Unit From QUALCOMM

One plus two to host a better processing unit from QUALCOMM

Chinese smartphone manufacturer One Plus has announced some details of its forthcoming device, One Plus Two. The announcement confirms that One Plus will continue to collaborate with leading chipmaker Qualcomm for its next generation device. One plus two will host a Qualcomm snapdragon 310 chipset which will boost the performance of the device. Flagship devices from other companies such as HTC and Sony have experienced multiple issues related to poor thermal performance which one plus claims to have rectified. New changes One plus has also worked hard to change the user interface of its proprietary operating system which goes by the name of Oxygen OS. The OS has been redesigned to work more efficiently and seamlessly with the snapdragon 810 chipset. According to Web reports, it will not only boost the performance of the device but will also provide a better user experience. With some modification in the existing operating system, [+more]

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Tips To Save Your MacBook From Water Damage

Dell XPS 13 Takes The Sheen Off Latest 12-Incher Apple MacBook

Just like one has to visit the doctor for regular checkups, it is essential that you must take check your MacBook in order to protect it from viruses and malwares and hardware issues. But these are not the only issues that you might encounter since there is a very high chance that it might damage due to water spilling  If, by chance your MacBook has encountered with water spilling issue, try these simple steps to prevent hardware damage: Shutting down the laptop- It is advisable that you must shut down your MacBook as soon as possible since the damage will be more severe if you continue to use the laptop ever after water slippage. Unplugging accessories- make sure that you unplug all the accessories such as charger, external USB drives, mouse, speakers etc. removing these accessories will provide open spaces through which water can drain out from your MacBook. Drying- it [+more]

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Will Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Hit the Market in July or October 2015?

Microsoft Might Skip The Lumia 940 Generation, Go Straight To Lumia 950/950XL

While Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is still ruling the market with its amazing performance, the company is reportedly looking forward to launch Pro 4 with Windows 10 in October this year. As per industry analyst, Paul Mueller in Los Angeles, both Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 are the devices that will allow Microsoft to take advantage of outstanding machines. However, many are expecting that new laptop will hit the market in June-July 2015, but as per the reports, October 2015 is the slated date for Surface Pro 4 release. The Features As per the device’s specifications are concerned, Venture Capital Post stated that buyers can expect to have an Intel Core i7 or i5 processor with 4K screen at a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels. It is also rumored that so far, Surface Pro 4 is said to be the first machine to be launched with Windows [+more]

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Is Apple Planning to Pull the Plug Off iPod?

Is Apple planning to pull the plug off from iPod?

Apple’s beloved iPod is no more displayed on the official website of the company post shuffling of the portal during its yearly WWDC developer meeting. For the past 13 years, the iPod was indispensable to the company website. But recently, it has been pushed deep beneath the ‘Apple Music’ tab. This is Apple’s novel service for music streaming, launched this Monday, according to This new development on Apple’s portal could be a signal of the slaying of the iPod. It is not shocking since we haven’t seen any new update and model launch of the iPod since 2012. Apple did not display sales of the device in its first quarter report for 2015. This was a massive signal that one of Apple’s hottest at one time is dying. Although Apple seems to be removing iPod from its product list, the iPod has given them many advantages ever since its release in 2001.  With the release of the iPhone, the MP3 [+more]

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Microsoft Lumia 940 XL Leaked Specifications: The Smartphone May Feature Wide Display And High-End Camera

Breaking—Code Names For Lumia 940 And More Upcoming Microsoft Flagships Revealed

Lumia 940 XL is one of the most anticipated smartphones expected from Microsoft very soon. According to rumors, the flagship model may feature a wide 5.7-inch display along a pixel resolution of 1440 x 2560. The smartphone may have Corning Gorilla Glass 4 to ensure a scratch resistant screen. Reports also claim that the device will come in a metal frame without compromising on the sleek look. Lumia 940 XL, which is expected to be a high-end model from the company, is also reported to be packed with the octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor and a powerful 3GB RAM. The recently-leaked specifications echo earlier reports that the device would be supported with a 15 GB storage space. Along with the other basic features of a smartphone, it also intends to focus on the quality of photographs with a 20 MP camera at the rear and 5 MP camera in front. There have been no updates from the company about the [+more]

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Now Google Will Tell You How Many Calories You Are Consuming Just By Looking At Your Food

Facebook Records 1 Billion Users Glued To It On Thursday

You might have taken pictures of your food and posted on social media, just to show off your cooking skills or to boast off your ‘food knowledge’. But this time you would be forced to take many more pictures of the food you eat because Google is coming up with a ‘killer app’ that will count the calories in the dish by simply looking at the food pic, as confirmed by Techradar. Isn’t it interesting to know how many calories are going into your belly? All you have to do is to simply click a picture of your food and use the app named ‘im2Calories’. Using the physical qualities of the food, the app would suggest the calories present in it. Although the app is still in early phase of development and Google doesn’t have any plans to introduce it soon, it seems Kevin Murphy, the research scientist of Google [+more]

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Why Android Pay Is A Better Option Than Apple Pay?


It might be very hard to believe that Google’s Android payment system is more rewarding and easy to use payment system than Apple pay.  There are more than one billion android users across the globe which means that we can see a substantial increase in mobile based payments.  Android Pay overcomes all the issues of Google wallet and offers better experience to the users; according to tech experts at So, why Android pay is a better option than Apple Pay: let’s find out. More features and more rewards- Google play has already collaborated with coca cola so that’s its payment system can be used at vending machines. The company wants to help the world to buy Coca cola with their mobile devices. At Google I/O event, the company also stated that customers will also have the option to redeem coke reward points to purchase the soda. Done away with [+more]

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Windows 10 Upgrade Might Not Be Possible On 512 MB RAM Devices, Restriction List Leaked

Will Microsoft Stick To Snapdragon 810 Processor For Lumia 90 XL Despite Overheating Issues?

Microsoft has announced that all windows phones running on windows 8 will receive free upgrade to windows 10. But a major question which arises after this announcement is what will happen to that device which runs on 512MB RAM.  It is clearly understood that devices with meagre 512 MB RAM will not offer the same experience as devices with 1 gigabyte RAM, as per, there is a leaked list which specified which features will be affected when 512 MB windows device are upgraded to windows 10. According to gadget experts at, features such as HDR imaging can be accepted but devices with low RAM may not be able to enjoy VoIP and seamless multitasking. The good news is that Microsoft has already stated that it will not be introducing any devices with less than 1GB RAM which comes as a relief for windows phone fans.  Windows power user [+more]

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Google Nexus 7: Was It The Google’s Strongest Horse?

Facebook Records 1 Billion Users Glued To It On Thursday

The google I/O conference is just a few hours away but most of us should concentrate on the primary topic of this hours which is- Why should Google bring Nexus 7 back?  Google has put the curtains down on Nexus 7 after the company removed it from play store.  Nexus 7 is one of the most popular devices from Google which was launched in collaboration with Asus. This tablet may be more than 3 years old but is very popular amidst tech enthusiasts.  The best feature of this tablet was its price point since Google decided to target the budget tablet market by introducing an affordable yet capable device which offers android experience to the users. We just hope that Google listens to the prayers of its consumers and brings back the device When you visit Google play store you will only see Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. You can also [+more]

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To Pump Up Make In India Initiative Foxconn Plans To Build Facilities In India

Make in Indian initiative gets a major boost as Foxconn plans to build facilities in India

Foxconn Technology of Taiwan which is also known as one of the largest manufacturer and contractor of electronics has stated that it is planning to develop around 10-12 facilities in India. The company plans to develop manufacturing facilities alongside data centers by the year 2020. A company’s spokesperson started that Foxconn is willing to spend few billion $ in order to develop these world class facilities in India. Hon Hai precision Industry is one of the most reputed units of Foxconn.  Foxconn’s spokesperson Mr. Gou stated that a large section of its consumers most of which were from china wanted the company to set up its manufacturing facilities in India in order to churn out electronic and communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets and television sets. These statements were made from company’s facility in Guizhou province in China where it is already running a manufacturing unit and data center. [+more]

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