Windows 10 Features To Include An Assistant Robot

Windows 10 from Microsoft will be the latest sensation that is all scheduled to be released this coming 29 of July. The industry experts have informed that the success of Windows 10 will depend on various features and applications that are being offered with the new software package. As the checking process is still on by the inside testers of Microsoft, all the defects which has been detected until now has been rectified. Even after the launch the product will be at the testing phase, as it will be open to very few users and PC manufacturers.

Windows 10 – The latest sensation that will put others to shameFeatures that are being offered by Windows 10 for the users

Listed below are some of the features that will be available for the users of Windows 10

  • Cortona, the special assistant robot will be there for the users so that they can come out of the sticky situations with ease. It will be the first personal assistant that would be digital.
  • New browser called Microsoft edge will be faster than any other browser available on this platform. It is even stated that it will be even faster than Safari, which is a kitty of Apple.
  • Xbox integration will be available with the new Windows 10. With this, the gamers can now surely rejoice.
  • Microsoft OneDrive with free 15 GB space will be available for the users that are more in comparison to 5 GB offered by Apple.
  • New security feature called HELLO is also added with Windows 10.
  • New Updated Windows Store with loads of applications

Will it be a success?

This is one of the biggest questions in the mind of Microsoft releasing Windows 10 this 29 July. The success or failure of the product will be verified after it is finally provided to the end users for use.

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iPhone 7 Update: May Come With e-Sim Technology

The iPhone lovers have something to cheer about as the new iPhone 7 would be released soon. This time, there are various specifications added to the new iPhone 7, which will surely make it bliss. However, the latest technology that has been added in the iPhone 7 is the e-Sim technology.

New Technology

The technology that Apple makers have initiated will give the users a chance of switching to any network or carrier without changing the SIM. The process will be undertaken by the user interface of the device. The technology that has been introduced for the first time will see users switching onto different network providers with ease without changing the SIM card, as reported by

iPhone 7- Changing networks would now be easyWhat’s expected?

As e-SIM is ready to make entry with Apple, it has even given the iPhone a new face. As the design is stated to come in both iPhone 6S and iPhone 7, the SIM sensors inside the phone has been upgraded. With e-SIM, the right side port that is hardly used by the users will be removed which in result will give a nice look to the phone. The change would be a part of the upgrade, which Apple has promised to the users.

In addition to e-SIM, Force Touch would be the additional feature that would be provided to the users which is presently only on the Watch from Apple and the new Macbook. Speed and camera function of the iPhone 6S and 7 would also be updated. Therefore, now one just has to wait and watch what wonders the new changes brings in the cell phone industry.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The Specs, Release Date, Price We’re Likely To See


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iPhone 6S Release Date: The New iPhone Is All Set To Flatter The Gadget Lovers!

There are only few events which can create the hype and magic as same as the iPhone.  Since the launch of iPhone 6, we all have been speculating on the release date of iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. Buzz related to the launch of next generation iPhone 6S and iPhone7 has already started. 

iPhone 6S is all set to flatter the gadget paramours!Launch date

Apple normally launches a new model in September, every year which means we can expect a new apple device in a couple of months.  According to, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook will launch the new device during the keynote conference. Apple will also announce the launch date of the device. The new model of iPhone will run on iOS and is also expected to boast force touch feature, a first for Apple device. Earlier, it was also reported that Apple order more than 60 million units of the new iPhone from its Taiwan vendors.

Revised model with exciting features

It has been confirmed from the company techies that they are launching the new device after iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The company has also created the strategy to launch a completely revised model in order to encourage consumers. Users like us can comprehend that companies like Apple make such impressive products just because that know that we really aspire to have these devices. Additionally, this is how the companies find a breakthrough in the stagnant premium market of mobile phones.

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Smartphone Diseases- The New Danger Spread By Doctors In Hospitals

A Tasmanian study has showed  that Smartphones used by doctors in hospitals could be the source of diseases. Let’s see how.

Danger from smartphones

With augment of technology, these smart devices have changed the networking and Smartphone Diseases- The new danger in Hospitals spread by doctorsoperations of working in hospitals because these devices are now largely taken into use for accessing laboratory results or ti know about the well-being of the patients who are admitted in the hospitals.

However, excess use of these devices can be a reason for putting the health of the patients at risk. The study, which was conducted, stated that nearly 50% of the Smartphones used in hospitals are having one species of bacteria, 40% had two variants and nearly 3% had three other categories of bacteria. Further stated in the report that one of the kind of bacteria known as “Pathogenic” known for spreading infections is found on the Smartphones that are being used by the doctors in the hospital.

What experts say?

Dr. Chao has stated that even though these bacteria are mild, they are harmful enough to cause blood infection in patients suffering from compromised immune. According to Dr. Chao, the mobile devices that are used so frequently in the hospital premises should also be cleaned through a disinfectant similar to the way cloths and hands are cleaned. It has also been seen that only nearly 5% of medical professionals do it regularly. Even though there are protocols for sterilizing equipment used in hospitals, nothing such is followed for the Smartphones, hence the same should be developed for the betterment of the future.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date: Renders Reveal Dimension And Layout

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge are about to be released as they are reportedly in the final stages. The case makers for Samsung IT-Skins have revealed the renders that would be used for Note 5 and S6. The revelations have shown the dimensions and layout for these two gadgets.

Dimensions and controls reveled for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 EdgeKnowing about Note 5 dimensions

This time, the new Note 5 from Galaxy will be a standalone variant in this category. The Note 5 will be a double-edged variant with no S pen and lower specs. The experts have stated that this does not actually define everything about the developments that has happened recently, but the pictures that have been released clearly shows that it is having a flat surface and curvature of the screen is not there.

However, one can obviously see some slope at the rear panel of the phone. In addition to this, Note 5 will not have a removable battery this time as a frame is overlapping the edges, which is obviously a stylish touch to the phone.

S6 Edge- The flamboyant player from Samsung

Coming at a measurement of 5.7-inch screen, the S6 Edge from Samsung would make headlines after its release. The renders clearly shows that there would be a automated or push facilitated S pen for the phone. In addition to this, the dimensions and other features would be somewhat same as other Edge variants available in the market.

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Microsoft Hands Over Pink Slips To 7800 Employees

Recently, Microsoft announced that the company will be cutting down 7,800 employees most of which have been working in mobile division. Microsoft also stated that the company will write off its seven billion deals with Nokia and will also be closing research and development center in Finland.

Microsoft hands over pink slips to 7800 employeesCollateral damage

There were rumors that Microsoft will be preparing for job cuts since its hardware business comprising of windows mobile unit was not doing well. According to, Microsoft stated that the company will be following a different strategy which will involve creating and implementing a good Windows OS ecosystem for the users. The company was also planning to put concentrated focus on its mobile device portfolio and will also retain the capability of innovating in mobility. An e-mail with this message was sent from Satya Nadella to the employees of Microsoft.

Follow up of March job cuts

We all are aware of the fact that, Microsoft recently laid off 18,000 people across the globe as in order to restructure and cut down costs. But the recent job layoffs have come just after the departure of Stephen Elopfrom the company. Elop was the former CEO of Nokia and was hired by Microsoft after the company took over Nokia.  It must also be noted that Microsoft is not only cutting jobs but has also decided to write off its deal with Nokia. The company has now decided to focus its attention to Windows 10 which will be releasing in the last week of July.

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How To Use Push Bullet To Receive Notifications Across Multiple Devices

Push Bullet is much more than a notification application. It not only sends and receives notifications across multiple devices such as PC and smartphones but also lets the users send and receive content from their computer and smartphones.

Push-bullet- How to transfer the files

All you have to do is to download the app from Google Play store and sign in using Using push bullet to receive notifications across multiple devices your e-mail account. One of its best features is that this app works perfectly on iOS devices as well.  The users can send messages, web URL or a file to their devices. After this the app will ask you to download Chrome, Firefox or Opera on your device and computer. If you want to share any file using push bullet, then click on it and go to share option and select “share using push bullet”. A notification will pop up asking you to select the device to which you want to share the content. Just select from the list of devices you have added during the set up to complete the process.

Easiest way to transfer files

The easiest way to transfer a photo a file is by using push bullet to send it on your computer. It will also save you the time of rushing through your e-mail or Dropbox accounts. You can even use quick beam feature to view the picture in full quality. Push bullet also allows the users to edit and touch up images from their smartphones or tablets. Another remarkable feature of push bullet is that it can be easily integrated with some of the best web services such as Zapier, IFTTT and even TASKER.

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iPhone 6S Leaked Image Hints At iPhone 7 Delay

9to5 Mac has recently published the leaked images of iPhone 6S that clearly suggest that iPhone 6S will be launching in the fourth quarter of 2015, which could mean that iPhone 7 will see the light of the day in the mid of 2016. Let’s find out the factors of this delay.

iPhone 7 may get delayed as iPhone 6S is one the way, suggests the leaked images of 6SBranding issues with iPhone 7

Earlier, it was also speculated that there were some branding issues with the next generation iPhone, most of which was concentrated on a single topic, whether or not Apple will release iPhone 7 in 2015 itself.

But the leaked images have made it somewhat clear the company is currently focusing on the updated version of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. If speculations are to be believed then the iPhone 6S is expected to launch in September just like the other apple devices.

Success factor!

The recent success of iPhone 6 twins is also a major factor behind the postponed release of iPhone 7. Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 plus have registered staggering sales figure since their launch putting up Apple in a very strong financial position.

It was because of the recent iPhone that Apple was able to land itself into the most successful and trusted consumer electronics brand in the world. Apple may not be willing to take the risk by launching iPhone 7 when both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 have been doing exceedingly well in the market despite stiff competition from Samsung and Chinese vendors, but it looks like we will see the iPhone 7 next year for sure. 

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Leaked Specs: May Come With Foldbale Screen And Auto S-Pen eject

A host of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features have been leaked online. It is being said that the new Phablet would be released during the upcoming IFA-15 event, which is scheduled to be held in Berlin, somewhere between 4 and 9 September. 

Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung- Verging towards a new success sagaNew Note 5  features and specifications 

According to Web speculations, S-pen would eject automatically and users will be able to fold the screen like a hankie. In addition, the wonderful device may come with  a 5.5-inch Super Amoled display and internal storage of 16 GB with a 4 GM RAM. With 8 MP front facing camera and 16 MP rear camera, taking selfies would be much easier.

It should be known these features are not offcially confirmed.

Getting the features patented

It has also been reported that Samsung will get the features including foldable screen and auto eject S-pen, patented.  The process for filing the patent is already done with theTrademark and Patent Office in USA and the new Phablet will soon be launched with the new specifications, which the South Korean conglomerate has developed for the users.

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