Translate App From Google Now Has 27 Languages

Translate App has turned out to be a hit for Google. It’s a smart app that can translate anything and everything to the language of your choice. In addition to this, one can even take screenshots of other languages and get it translated. Let’s take a peek at other functions of this app:Translate App from Google

Functions of ‘Translate’ app

  • Translation to Languages
  • Accurate results from internal dictionaries
  • Understanding and translating foreign scripts
  • Speech to text and text to speech recognition
  • History and starring option
  • Conversation mode

Process of translation

When it comes to translation, the process is simple and easy. The functionality is something similar to the online version. There is a menu designed from where one can select the options of translation, conversation and other features that are being offered. Select the languages and the options  27 languages including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian will be available. 

The app is available on both Android and iOS.


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Windows 10 Upgrade Available For Existing Windows 8 Users

For all those who have waited for the new version of Windows can celebrate Christmas before as the Windows 10 upgrade is now available for existing users of their older operating systems.

Windows 10 Upgrade To Wipe Off Old Features

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was in Nairobi, Kenya for the launch of their latest and much-awaited operating system. It was launched at 13 cities globally. 

Users have been waiting for the Microsoft Windows 10 for a long time, especially after the dismal performance of the Windows 8 version. Windows 10 will be available on tablets and PCs across 190 countries across the world. A free update will be available for existing users of the Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

After the upgrade

Microsoft has said that there will be no more versions of the Windows package and updates will be given to the Windows 10 instead. Therefore, after the FREE Microsoft windows 10 update, people will have to subscribe for updates.

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How To Create A Website Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket?

A website has become one of the essential tools for people who are interested in selling their products and services online. It has become a mandatory marketing tool because a website helps you to connect with customers located at a remote location as well. Larger customer base means more business and higher profits. However, it is not as complicated as it is made out to be. One can create a website on their own. Here’s how:

Understanding the processSamsung Galaxy Tab S To Release In June

  • The first thing you need to set up a website is a domain name. One can easily purchase a domain name from places such as GoDaddy and BigRock using a credit card. If you want these are the best prices, use coupon codes and get a domain name at discounted rates.
  • Web hosting is the second step essential to give a space to park your website. It will power up your domain name. Various hosting companies offer these services at affordable rates, which can come in handy for those looking for cost effective ways to start a website.
  • It’s easy to design a website with WordPress. Using WordPress themes, one can customize the website easily. You can either avail the free templates or get hold of the paid ones and start your website.
  • As customization is essential, you can add further objects such as social media buttons or a shopping basket with additional plug-ins.

It’s a simple process. However, if you want a complex and high-end website, it’s a better idea to pass on the job to a company that can do a more professional job of it.

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Moto G Leaked Features Hint At 13MP Camera, 32GB Expandable Storage

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Samsung S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5’s Photos Leaked

With two models from Samsung about to be released on August 13, many possible Samsung Note 5 and Samsung S6 Edge+ images have leaked on the internet. A lot of speculation and rumors are doing the rounds as well. Pictures of dummy sets are already circulating the internet and speculations abound. Recently, pictures of the Samsung S6 Edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have surfaced on the internet. This seems to be the final version. Interestingly, these phones are shown in working condition.

Working models of S6 Edge+ and Note 5 surface before launchKnowing more about these pictures

These shots are taken from the front angle because of which the specifications can be seen clearly. Pictures of the S6 Edge+ suggest there could be a curved phablet. In terms of looks, it is similar to the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy Note 5 demonstrates a look similar to the Note 4 from the front.

However, thinner bezels along with a large home button installed with a fingerprint sensor or possibly a scanner will differentiate the Galaxy Note 5 from the Galaxy Note 4. The pictures suggest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have a metal frame, which will add to its charm. Loaded with features, these two sets are expected to stand up to the expectations of Samsung lovers.

The verdict

Industry experts state that even though the pictures have been released, it will not do any harm to the sales. In fact, it will help the sales to soar high as people are willing to get these phones as soon as possible and the leaked pictures will help the buyers to take a decision faster.

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Top 5 Laptops To Buy In 2015

Laptops have become essential to everyone’s daily needs. Whether for use at home, in the office or at school, they are meant to serve many purposes. Buying a laptop is complex because of the variety of options available. As for me, the easiest way to narrow down your choices is by identifying these primary factors–the purpose of the laptop, 

Let’s explore the top 5 laptops of 2015 so far:

Top five laptops that would take 2015 on stride!

  1. Toshiba Satellite L505 is an easy pick for those who want a basic laptop at a really low price. Priced at about $529, this laptop is cost effective. However, the low cost models from HP and Toshiba offer better performance.
  2. Asus UL30A is a lightweight razor thin laptop with a thickness of just 0.98 inches. The battery of the laptop offers a 12-hour back up and the configuration enables high speed performance.
  3. Apple MacBook is for Apple lovers. Even though the cost is on the higher side, the specifications and hardware provided are good.
  4. Dell XPS 13, which was launched recently, has become the forerunner laptop for the brand. Packed in an 11-inch chassis, it is a compact laptop. Useful for those who travel a lot with their laptop.
  5. Lenovo ThinkPad X250 has become a leading laptop of 2015 because it has a wonderful hardware. It is lightweight and comes with 15 hours of battery life.

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HP Spectre x360 Review: Strong Competitor In The Ultrabook Market

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 To Come With Auto Eject S-Pen?

People who are eagerly waiting for the Samsung Note 5 will be in for a surprise as the much-awaited phone will be launched on 12 August rather than the September date that was announced earlier. The makers of Note 5 have decided to pre-launch the product because Apple is also gearing up for the launch of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in the market.

Experts in the tech industry are stating that the move has been taken by Samsung to launch the product earlier in a bid to boost sales.Galaxy Note 5 with amazing features from Samsung revealed

What is being offered in the new Note 5?

Earlier this month, some CAD designed images of the Note 5 were released on the internet. Recently, some more renders of the Note 5 were released that gave a clear view of the phone. Pictures released so far suggest that the Samsung Note 5 may come with 2.5D curved glass along with S-Pen that will have an auto eject function.

With a 2.5D glass, edges of the phone will be smoother and the swipe function will be made easier. All features of the phone will also be conveniently available. Obviously, as stated before, the Note 5 will not have a curved screen.

Final Say

The final say will come on the product after the launch. However, speculations state that this new Note 5 will surely be an eye catcher.

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Lumia 950 And 950 XL Features Leaked, Pricing Not Known

Microsoft may soon be ready with its flagship phones. CEO; Satya Nadella said that they are ready with two new variants of Lumia handsets which will be named as Lumia 950 and 950 XL, as reported by TOI.

The next flagship phones from Microsoft has been leakedSpecifications leaked

A website named has leaked the specifications of the phone even before its launch in the market. One of the first information, which has been leaked, is that Lumia 950 will be named as Talkman and 950XL will be called as Cityman.

In addition to this, the new 950 XL will sport a 5.7 screen and 950 will have  5.2-inch display. Cityman will feature Snapdragon 810 64-bit octa core processor while the latter will be an 808 chipset. Both the handsets will have a C type USB port and a metal body frame. In addition to this, they will have 3GB RAM and internal storage of 32 GB which is expandable.

The battery capacity will be 3300 mAH for XL and 3000 for Lumia 950. They will come loaded with wonderful 20 MP rear camera and 5 MP front cameras. These two phones will be the first of its kind that will run on the new Windows 10 software package.

Pricing of the product

People were expecting that the price of these two Smartphone’s would also be leaked, but alas, the pricing of the product is not available. It is mentioned that the phone will be launched somewhere around September or early October. 

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iPhone 7 May Not Feature The Home Button?

Technology giant Apple is reportedly ready with the iPhone 7. Even though experts state that there will not be any significant changes on the technological front, some radical changes are expected with regard to the home button. Technical experts have stated that biometric, ultrasonic sensors can be used, which will be installed under the Gorilla glass. With use of this technology, the device will be unlocked only after it reads the fingerprints of users.

New design of iPhone 7 can be a breakthrough in technologyWill it be a success?

It is a bold step  to replace the home button with ultrasonic sensors and if Apple does this, it remains to see will it be a success or a failure.

Users have been keen on getting this technology for a long time but it was not a success because of some technical glitches. 

How things will be working out

As of now, Apple has not planned to remove the home button from their phone or rather any other product because the touch ID issue has not been fixed. Now the users will just have to wait and watch for Apple to introduce their new product range. 

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HTC M9 Gets Android Lollipop 5.1 Update

With the latest software update on HTC handsets, users will now be able to avail the faster Android 5.1 lollipop version. HTC M9 users using AT&T network can easily get the update, while people on the T-mobile network will have to wait for a week.

This news was tweeted by the Senior VP (Product Management) of HTC, meant for HTC M9 users. However, the time of the update was not specified. The latest update will give users plethora of features, including an enhanced camera.

Update from Android for HTC and AT&TThe change on the mind of people

As AT&T subscribers are getting the update real fast, users of T-mobile are planning to switch their network so that they do not have to wait for the update accompanying the HTC M9.

A spokesperson from T-Mobile has stated that it is a damage control situation for the company as consumers are planning to switch over to AT&T. However, many users are wary because switching to AT&T could decrease performance of the phone.

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New Lumia 950 and 950 XL May Sport Gorgeous Metal Frame And USB C

Microsoft is rumored to launch Lumia 950 and 950 XL instead of Lumia 940 variants. The looks of the smartphone was still a secret, but somehow it was disclosed by various sources, as reported by It has been reported that new Lumia 950 and 950 XL both will be having a metal frame as body and a USB-C connecter and charger will be available with the set. 

New Lumia 950 and 950 XL to don gorgeous metal frame and USB CKnowing about the specifications

Listed below are the rumored specifications of the Lumia 950 XL and 950

  • 950 may come with 5.2 inch screen and 950 XL will have a 5.7 inch screen
  • Lumia 950 will be having Qualcomm Snapdragon (six core) processor and 950 XL will have a eight core processor.
  • Both the Smartphones could come with  3GB RAM and internal memory of 32 GB which is expandable
  • Lumia 950 will hold a 20 MP camera and the Lumia 950 XL will have a three flash camera with 20 MP rear cameras.
  • Both the phones will have a 5 MP front camera along with USB type C

Final Verdict

After going through the leak information, one can say that both Lumia 950 and 950 XL will be soaring high once they are launched in the month of October-November.

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