Why You Don’t Need The New Nokia Phone

Nokia was the pioneer of the mobile phone industry in the 1990s. Most of us have owned one of those small, sturdy handsets at some point in time. If you ever hear about the brand, it sends you into a tailspin of nostalgia. Nevertheless, with the advent of big brands such as Samsung and Apple, Nokia phones have not been able to keep up with the competition in terms of features or performance.
At one point of time, Nokia phones were known for their durability and low price. They would survive without the need of a charger for days, which seems almost impossible for the contemporary handsets. Nokia did try rolling out smartphones with the help of Microsoft. They came up with interesting models like the Nokia 3 and Nokia Lumia. However, neither of them had anything novel, nor were they as reliable as their predecessors.
Nokia is trying to come back into the game with a slew of newer phones, and newer branding. However, they have not been able to make an impression so far. One of the key problems with Nokia phones is their availability. As someone who changes phones frequently and explores the features of new phones all the time, Gagan Anand says, “I wanted to buy the 3310 as it was the first phone to be launched. It looked nice and cheap for Rs. 3310. But it’s not available on Amazon and many other sites.”
What is the reason behind the downfall of this brand that was regarded as the ultimate producer of mobile phones in its glorious days? Let us have a look at some of the reasons why you will never want to buy a Nokia phone:
  • Lack of innovation: Much hype was created when the brand made a comeback with its smart phones. However, the insipid handsets did not get many takers. The innovation level seemed pretty low and the specifications did not offer anything new or interesting. Simple things such as final managers and emergency dialer options are missing in the Nokia 6. Like Anand says, “I would only be interested in a Nokia now if they introduce new features. Otherwise, not interested!”
  • Brand repositioning: Nokia has carefully used its established brand name for launching the products. But the problem is that repositioning has not really worked well for the company, with some saying that the company was unable to live up to the expectations. A lot of people I spoke to felt that there is no clarity about the new Nokia models and they have not heard a lot about them. Research and development: Vying for space in a market filled with competitors like Samsung and Apple requires Nokia to invest considerably in the right R&D. Despite the re-launch, they have not been able to develop smartphones that are revolutionary and redefine the ongoing trend. Competition and cutting-edge technology has created barriers in the industry for newcomers as well as traditional brands deciding to make a comeback. Lack of groundwork and review of the current scenario has led to the degradation of Nokia’s quality standards.
  • Below expectations: Loyal Nokia customers were waiting for new smartphones with high expectations, given its popularity and celebrated history. The brand that aimed at cutting the market share of the likes of Samsung and Apple is now somewhere lost in the junk of smartphones.  Another problem is that with no extraordinary features, Nokia’s products are characterized by monotony and tedium.
  • Dearth of specifications: With big brands indulging in a full-fledged war of ‘specifications’, Nokia has stayed away from the overwhelming list of attributes. If the design of the handsets is simple and mainstream, the performance is no less mediocre. The Nokia 3 is marked by overheating issues, slower RAM performance and excessive disturbance on call. Little wonder that their flagship phones have given in to smaller brands such as Lenovo and Xiaomi. Although Nokia promised to provide a ‘Pure Android’ experience through its smartphones, it has failed to satisfy customers.
  • Price: The price of a Nokia mobile phone is no longer affordable as against its initial offerings. The brand has priced the phones on the level of other big brands which has been a major reason for its downfall. Most customers feel that the interface of a Nokia mobile phone is peculiarly different, the price tag comes in the premium category and specifications are not that great, which makes it the least preferred choice.
  • Market segmentation: Another problem is that Nokia has not been able to successfully cater to the needs of different customers in the market. It has also not been able to decide whether it will take up the online mode for some of its exclusive products. Today, when every individual prefers to sit back in the comfort of his home and make purchases, by sticking to offline selling, the brand is definitely losing a major chunk of potential customers.
  • Upgradation: Many users have criticized Nokia phones for their inability to be upgraded to the latest version of the operating system as opposed to other phones which have in-built reminder systems for new updates. Also, production of Nokia smartphones has fallen down considerably due to decreased demand. This means that you might not get an easy and cheap replacement of your damaged phone.
 Nokia launched the 3310 handset in September 2017 and called it the top pick for those who want great battery backup. However, that’s only so long as you don’t use the phone extensively. The major problems using this phone will be encountered by customers who are dependent on social media and high speed internet. Tech savvy individuals may also face withdrawal symptoms.
A brand that introduced customers to the world of mobile phones is now struggling to find its lost identity. The company did not have a great return; but, it can still pull up its socks and take the lead if they are able to bring back some really exciting features. Let’s hope that Nokia realizes this pretty soon and re-launches itself with a bang!
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How Many Women Have Posted #MeToo On Your Timeline?

alyssa milano #metooIf you thought the #MeToo updates on social media is a salvo of solidarity that women have been showing, here’s a reality check. Of the 10 women I spoke to who have not posted this on social media, 4 of them have been sexually assaulted or harassed. There are many women out there who cannot talk about it or who are scared to talk about it.
Delhi girl Sakshi wonders if she should consider her encounters in the DTC buses as something of a worry. “Delhi girls are used to it”, she says. This is the gravity of the problem and speaks volumes about the #MeToo problem that women face on an everyday basis.
Allegations of assault against Harvey Weinstein led to many, many leading ladies of Hollywood coming out to speak of their experiences with the man. The list of allegations against the perpetrator is seeing a steady rise. This led actress Alyssa Milano to tweet a note that said, “Suggested by a friend: If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me too” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”
This is what she posted:
If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.
— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) October 15, 2017

Ever since, #MeToo has been trending and it’s going strong. Ever since, thousands of women have tweeted #MeToo, which shows the gravity of the problem. However, note that not all women have posted anything yet. If you are someone who is still gathering the courage to post about it, read this one:
I almost felt too ashamed to post, but that’s the whole point of this: don’t. It was never your fault. #MeToo
— Miss Twin Peaks (@abattoiring) October 16, 2017

If you are someone who wants to help women around you, refer to this intersting advice.
When it comes to the #MeToo movement, I see men wondering what they can “do to help.” This is my list.
1. Be quiet.
2. Listen.
3. Learn.
4. Lead/teach young men by example.
5. Stand up to friends and family who act in an abusive manner.
6. Stand behind women, not in front.
— Nathan Thompson (@natepthomps) October 16, 2017

The common refrain is that women have been abused by people they have trusted such as friends and relatives. It has also brought to light a videotape that shows US President Donald Trump boasting of groping women. Clearly, where we are talking of equal rights for women, basic security remains a concern. This must change for women. Investing in the education of women, and the right education for your boys would be a start in the right direction.
What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below. We hope technology will allow more women to voice their opinions as well as give them a platform to share with other women. That’s what TechThirsty aims to be as well.
Oh, and just a word. #Metoo

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Buy the Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 for Its Price and Features

What was initially slow to pick up, Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 has gained a lot of attention since a month of its launch. The latest smartphone from Panasonic Corporation, this baby has become popular with those who are looking for a low-cost phone that is loaded with features.

Features of Eluga Ray 700

Features of Panasonic Eluga Ray 700
One of the important features being reported is a good battery life. The front camera allows you to take decent pictures but the rear camera can be a letdown. Powered by 1.3GHz octa-core Mediatek MTK6753 processor, Eluga Ray 700 runs well if you don’t download a lot of things. It has a fingerprint sensor along with front and back flash.
Panasonic Eluga Ray 700
Front of the Phone
Panasonic Eluga Ray 700
Back of the phone
Some other features of the Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB OTG, FM, 3G and 4G support. It has four sensors–compass magnetometer, proximity sensor, accelerometer and ambient light sensor.

Price of Eluga Ray 700

A simple phone, the Eluga is priced at Rs. 9,999 on Flipkart.


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Women in Tech Week At New York City Celebrates Women In Tech Roles

Financial technology company CommonBond is launching a ‘Women in Tech’ week in New York City on 10 October, 2017 to celebrate women who take up technology-based job roles. The idea is to “encourage women to pursue technology careers”. According to the National Centre for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT), 26% of the computing jobs available in the US in 2016, were held by women. About 20% women held Fortune 100 Chief Information Officer (CIO) positions at the same time.
Clearly, a lot needs to be done if we want to have more women in the technological workspace. CommonBond is taking one step towards that goal with the Women in Tech Week, which will be on till October 15. They will recognize the contributions of women in technology and create ways to provide support to create a generation of women leaders in technology.
Speaking of the event, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “Women in Tech Week will ensure attendees can access valuable information to help advance their careers while also encouraging the next generation of women leaders to pursue careers in the industry.”

women in technology

The Women in Tech Week is structured with three key elements.

1. Whitepaper on what women want in the tech workplace

A survey of more than 600 women working in tech roles was conducted. The aim of this survey was to identify how companies can attract and retain women in their workplace. The research found that for technology-based companies to attract more women, they need to have more women in leadership roles, enable long-term career planning processes, provide appropriate training and offer more opportunities for professional growth.

2. Create social media campaign to create future women leaders

CommonBond partnered with Girls Who Code to help fund the next generation of women technologists. The fintech company is running a competition on the Girls Who Code social media pages with the hashtag #2017WITW. Proceeds generated as a result of these social media posts will be used to provide scholarships to school girls who want pursue a career in technology.

3. Hosting a female founders event

The aim of this event would be to encourage women in tech. This would be conducted on 10 October, which is Ada Lovelace Day. This holiday celebrates the achievements of women in STEM. Women who have founded tech-based companies would share their stories with students and professionals.


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Microsoft Paint Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you have grown up with Microsoft Paint as a rescue to all creative worries, Monday must have looked like a black day in history. The cyber world went into a tizzy Monday morning over news that Microsoft would be phasing out 32-year-old Paint application. Many of us were wondering, why would Microsoft take away our favourite doodling app? The news was based on a Microsoft Monday report that placed Paint in the ‘deprecated’ column of the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

microsoft paint on windows app storeThe good news is that our worries were short lived. Microsoft has been quick to clarify that we were all jumping the gun. In a blog post, the Redmond-based technology giant said that Paint is “here to stay”. Although the app will move away from Windows 10, it will be available on the Windows Store. Users will be able to download the app whenever they want.

Paint has been part of Windows for 32 years, turning into a basic tool that everyone relied on. For many of us, it was the first app you learnt. So when news of a possible demise started making the rounds, it put all fans in a tizzy.

Clearing all the worry in the air, the Microsoft blog said, “Today, we’ve seen an incredible outpouring of support and nostalgia around MS Paint. If there’s anything we learned, it’s that after 32 years, MS Paint has a lot of fans. It’s been amazing to see so much love for our trusty old app.”


Was Paint the first app you rintroduced to your toddlers? I haven’t done it yet but it’s definiltey going to my weekend task. Just to make sure they are part of the original Windows era!


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